My Little Pony Tale

By Will E Sanderswsanders@civitasmedia.comI like to set achievable goals for myself, the kind of objectives that require little if any hard work and effort. Many men set out to do great things and hold true to the goals they set for themselves. They become astronauts, professional wrestlers and presidents.I just wanted to grow a ponytail. Hard to screw that up, in my opinion.I like most ponytails. I like ponytails that are fitted on the posterior of...

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It’s time for a new representative

Letter to the Editor:This year the voters of the 8th Congressional District of Ohio will arguably have one of the most important votes in the country. They will be deciding whether or not to return their current representative and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Andrew Boehner back to Washington.

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Seniors concerned for changes in health care

To the Editor:We are very concerned about cuts made to Medicare Advantage in 2010, when Obamacare passed. Funding reductions to the Advantage program reduce the affordability of good health care choices for seniors, negatively impacting health and quality of life.The main reason we are healthy is because we work hard at it. It helps to have an affordable health care plan, too. We chose our Advantage plan over traditional Medicare specifically so we could...

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Take the time to tell someone how much you love them

Telling my mother I loved her used to be so much easier.It was built in to my daily life.I never went to bed — 9:30 p.m. every weeknight, no exceptions — without telling my mother I loved her. My school day started with me walking out the front door to the school bus and her giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek. When I got home from school, she was there to greet me, ask me how my day was and give me my daily post-school snack — a bowl of Ramen noodl...

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:Covington Outreach Association (COA) would like to express its appreciation to the Boy Scouts and their leaders for the time and hard work they put forth in providing a successful food drive in support of the Covington Community Food Pantry.More than 1,239 food items were received to help Covington residents with emergency food needs for their families. A special thank you to the residents of Covington for their generosity in supporting this important outre...

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Editorial roundup

China Daily on helping get relations right:He may have been overly optimistic in portraying relations between the United States and China as “friendship”, but Max Baucus, the new US ambassador to China, hit the nail on the head when he said the two countries had to get their relationship right.Despite all the rhetoric about a partnership, at the moment our countries are half-heartedly working together and endeavoring to build mutual trust bec...

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Heroin’s hold on North should be lesson for South

If the South cares to learn a “what not to do” lesson from the North, it will begin formulating a strategy to turn back heroin trafficking before the drug drives ol’ Dixie down.Interviews with local law enforcement and health officials by 35 Civitas Media newspapers in 12 states found big differences between heroin’s addictive grip on northern states as opposed to those in the South.Heroin addiction in the North is about:...

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Meet my new hero …

I have a new hero, and his name is Rick Roach. Mr. Roach is one of the most famous school board members in Florida, and he has served on a local board for 20 years.He has recently announced that he won’t be running for a fifth term, because he now realizes that he has been trying to make a difference in the lives of children within a political system that is so broken that it mutes intelligent people like him.But, not running for re-election doesn’t mean he i...

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She is the Simon to my Garfunkel

My wife makes more money than I do. No, really. She does. My wife, Christine, makes more money than I do now. At work she got a huge promotion. I am afraid I don’t know the meaning of the word. As a result she makes more money than I do. Not just a little more money, a lot more money.I suppose you think these revelations have shattered my masculine sensibilities. Or that these financial developments have further disintegrated my chauvinistic tendencies, if not my quote/unquot...

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Miami East choirs are state bound

To the editor:On Friday, March 14, Miami East High School Choirs competed at O.M.E.A. District Large Group Contest. The event was hosted by Bellefontaine High School. That evening two choirs from Miami High School performed for a rating.The 15-member Miami East High School Women’s Ensemble competed in class C. This class earned a Superior rating. The Women’s Ensemble members are: A...

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The greatest gift a son can give his father

To say that I have always been a late bloomer in life is kind of like saying the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand played a minor role in the start of World War I.It’s the understatement of all understatements.Growing up, it seemed like I was always the last kid my age to learn how to do most anything. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike without training wheels until I was in the third grade. I didn’t learn how to hit a baseball until … well...

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She is the Simon to my Garfunkel

My wife makes more money than I do. No, really. She...

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Rotary thanks community

To the Editor:

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