Changing the face of manufacturing

If someone asked you to name a career that was innovative and challenging, in a precise and highly advanced field, what industry comes to mind?If you answered manufacturing, you’d be right.October is the third annual “Ohio Manufacturing Month” and Oct. 3 is “National Manufacturing Day,” and here in the Miami Valley, we take this opportunity to celebrate those working in this growing industry.

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A simpler solution to climate change

Even if climate science is complicated, author Naomi Klein wants you to know that finding a solution to global warming is easy.In her powerful new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, the Canadian globalization expert drills through the noisy climate debate and finds that humanity has no choice but to ditch its fossil fuel-driven global economy for a local model powered by renewable energy.Out with oil, gas, and coal. In with wind, sun, small-scale ...

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The climate march to nowhere

Anti-climate-change marchers took to the streets of Manhattan, N.Y., in the hundreds of thousands over the weekend to demand international action to fight global warming.The throng would have better advised to parade in downtown Beijing, assuming the Politburo wouldn’t have called out the infantry.China is the locus of the alleged crime against the planet that is carbon emissions, yet the marchers staged their event in the United States, where prior to last year em...

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Natural Wanders

MOONS AND SEASONSLast week’s full moon rolled across the heavens like a glowing sorcerer’s oracle. And in several ways was a celestial crystal ball foretelling of change.Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term “supermoon.” They happen when the full moon occurs at the point along its orbit that’s closest to earth. The only visible difference between a regular full moon and a supermoon is the latter might appear slightly larger. Nolle is curr...

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My mom meets Blaze

I’m an animal lover from a family of animal lovers who has grown up with cats and dogs. My college roommate Makenzie is also an animal lover coming from a family of them. When she shared at the end of our junior year that her biology professor gave her the snake from the lab, I wasn’t surprised.Move-in day for our senior year rolls around. I moved in Friday, while Mak and her family came on Saturday. We lived in a suite, so I walked across the bathroom into her single a...

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Let’s kick-start our economy

If you look at America’s economy, it’s flat – it hasn’t been growing as it should.While Ohio is moving forward thanks to common-sense Republican economic solutions, concern remains about the condition of our nation as a whole. And for the first time perhaps ever, most parents in America doubt that the next generation in our country will be better off than the current one.I hear about this over and over again when I meet with families and businesse...

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Revitalizing Ohio communities

The financial crisis devastated homeowners and investors in Ohio and across the country. In the years since, we’ve made great progress but we know that the economy cannot fully recover until the housing market does.Cleveland’s Thriving Communities Institute estimates that there are 50,000 abandoned properties in Ohio that have fallen into disrepair. Vacant properties lower surrounding property values and can increase the likelihood of crime within the neighborhood. Ohio...

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Back home again and enjoying delicious fried rice

Hello to everyone, both near and far!After spending the past four weeks with family in Ohio it feels good to be home again. The weather has been perfect since we’re back.Today was a full, yet enjoyable, day. It seems like a lot has happened since we got up this morning. After breakfast and devotions I tackled the apples. I decided to turn most of our apples into applesauce and put the rest away to be eaten fresh or used for making pies and apple crisp. I just relis...

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What to put in place of the old Hobart factory

A number of my old friends returned to town last week for a class reunion.Boy, did they get a shock when they drive down Main Street.Various implements of destruction are hard at work on Main Street demolishing the old Hobart Brothers factory. If you haven’t lived in Troy long, it’s probably seems like this is just getting rid of an old building that no longer has any real use. If you are my age, though, and grew up here, that building is as much a part of Tr...

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The President and Congress should work together

In his speech last week outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadists of the Islamic State, President Obama gave Congress only passing mention. “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL,” he said. “But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together.”He’s right, of course. But that’s not the half of it.We live in troubled times, and over the last decade or two our milit...

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Better behavior equals better retirement

What kind of retirement do you think you’ll have? An outstanding one? A depressing one? What if it all starts with your outlook? Qualitatively speaking, what if the success or failure of your retirement begins with your perception of retirement?A whole field of study has emerged on the psychology of saving, spending and investing: behavioral finance. Since retirement saving is a behavior (and since other behaviors influence it), it is worth considering ways to adjust behavior...

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Promoting college fire safety

September marks the beginning of a new school year, the start of football season and cooler weather, but more importantly, it’s Campus Fire Safety Month. Last month, I introduced Senate Bill 359 which addresses the very real need for improved fire safety measures in off-campus and rental homes.

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The need-to-know about the enterovirus

Editor’s note: This guest column was sent in as a response to staff writer Allison Gallagher’s story about the prevalence of the enterovirus respiratory illness in children in Ohio.This fall, one virus in particular is sending children to the hospital with severe respiratory illness.

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Protect our endangered species

One hundred years ago, Americans across the eastern United States could have looked up into the sky and seen it filled with passenger pigeons. Their flocks numbered in the billions and could turn day into night. Now they are extinct, the victim of overhunting and habitat destruction.The loss of this species is one of the greatest examples of what can happen if we are not committed to conserving our wildlife. We must learn from their example, and work to ensure that species such as ...

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Ohio needs clean water

Earlier this month, I visited Put-in-Bay to tour The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory. I met with Stone Lab scientists and accompanied them as they collected water samples of Lake Erie to better understand the rise in toxic algal blooms.A high level of phosphorous in the lake is a contributing factor to the algal blooms, and I’ve recently announced funds to help farmers implement conservation practices that reduce phosphorous runoff into the lake. But we must ad...

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Changing the face of manufacturing

If someone asked you to name a career that was...

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The climate march to nowhere

Anti-climate-change marchers took to the streets of...

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