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Uptown fashion downtown

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TROY — Dr. Lynn Barnes is seeing her dreams come true with the help of her personal relationship with God, her husband and a lot of community support.The Casstown woman is opening a fashion design studio in downtown Troy on the square, with the first set of classes starting next week. She will teach fashion design and merchandising, sewing, clothing construction, couture technique and historic dress.Barnes started her career in southern California, where she’s from, as a home economics teacher. She progressed through clothing and textiles studies, getting a masters in the international study of quality control at San Francisco State, and becoming a doctor and Buckeye at The Ohio State University.


Feeling rejected by the seller?

Would you be stunned if you made a full price offer for a home, and then the sellers rejected your offer in favor of another offer? Then you’d also be surprised to learn that sellers are not obligated to accept any offer — even one higher that full price.You may have made an offer at full price, but asked the seller to contribute $2,500 towards your closing costs. This doesn’t look like a full price offer to the seller and his wallet. You may have made an offer at...

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President Obama’s Iraq war

ISIS is a force for evil that poses an imminent security threat to the United States, but please, let us get back to you on whether we are determined to defeat it.That is the posture of the Obama administration toward the terror group that proudly demonstrated its malevolence by beheading American journalist James Foley in a propaganda video.For the administration, ISIS isn’t merely a dire enemy, it is a dilemma. President Barack Obama must respond to a group that ...

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Misty-morning month

Today marks August’s final curtain call. A new month’s show debuts tomorrow. And if the stage is properly set, that means September’s opening act will begin behind a veiled curtain.You see, that’s how I always think of September … the month of misty mornings — a time when blankets of luminous fog hu​​g​​sthe low ground and wispy tendrils rise through trees like restless spirits.

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As you head back to school, remember these things

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column:With school starting back up for most students in our area, there are a few things I’d like you to keep in mind this year.If you’re a high school junior in Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District who is interested in attending a Military Service Academy, you have until Oct. 31 to apply for a nomination from my office. Call (513) 779-5400 for more informa...

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Wrongful imprisonment

This case began in 2010, when United States marshals had a warrant to arrest Rodney Williams. Acting on a reasonable belief that that they would find him at Yanko Mansaray’s house, the marshals entered and searched for Williams. Instead of Williams, they found a large quantity of ecstasy pills.Based on this evidence – which Mansaray filed a motion to suppress at trial – Mansaray was convicted of a drug offense and a related offense and sentenced to 11 years in pri...

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The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Aug. 24The news in America was joyful. Two brave American health professionals, Dr. Keith Brantly and Nancy Writebol, flown to the United States after they fell ill with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, walked out of the hospital last week. Doctors say they have been cured.Many patients weren’t so lucky in Liberia, New Guinea and Sierra Leone, where fear, ignorance and a rudimentary public health system have been just...

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Addressing infant mortality in Ohio

According to humanitarian organization Save the Children, the United States has the highest first-day death rate for infants among industrialized countries — more than 11,000 babies die within 24 hours of their birth each year.It’s unthinkable. And each year in the U.S., there are more than 4,600 sudden unexpected infant deaths. What’s worse — Ohio is near the bottom compared with other states, ranking 48th in the nation for infant mortality and 50th for inf...

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Boehner impresses women’s group

To the Editor:The Ohio Federation of Republican Women recently hosted a teleconference with Speaker John Boehner.Our membership came away very impressed with his understanding of outreach to women. While Democrats have tried to blind and distract with a phony “war on women,” and the president presides over an anemic recovery and stagnant family wages, Speaker Boehner and the GOP grasp that pocketbook issues are what is most important.

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Counting the birthdays that truly matter

At some point in the past two decades, I stopped counting my birthdays — because really, once you hit 21, the legal age at which you can apply for a provisional licence to drive a large passenger vehicle or heavy goods vehicle, it’s all downhill from there.In recent years, however, I have started counting my mother’s birthdays (which, considering the amount of math involved, is a pretty big deal).

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The Common Core debacle

By Tom Dunn, SuperintendentMiami County Educational Service CenterAt the time I write this, the Ohio legislature is preparing for its next political charade, that being listening to testimony for and against legislation that would rescind the Common Core. Educators and non-educators alike will traipse to Columbus to offer their opinions about whether or not turning our back on this political intrusion into the world of education is a good idea or not. Because this politi...

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The Boston Globe, Aug. 21 James Foley, the freelance journalist from New Hampshire who was murdered by the terrorist group now known as the Islamic State, knew the dangers of trying to report from the front lines in Syria. The 40-year-old Foley had almost been killed in Libya, and ended up in protracted captivity. He saw that where once journalists might hope that combatants would recognize their unique role, those understandings — along with other humanitari...

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It’s time to free Rick Perry

It tells you much about the laughable indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry that it has made him a figure of bipartisan sympathy.Perry was indicted last week for the offense of vetoing an appropriations bill. Not vetoing an appropriations bill in exchange for a bribe. Not vetoing an appropriations bill as a favor to a donor. Not vetoing an appropriations bill in excess of his lawful authority. But simply vetoing an appropriations bill.That Perry could, in theory, face more...

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Free Rick Perry

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Grandpa: survivor of the diaper drama

My 2-year-old grandson was visiting last week. Yes, 2-year-olds are loveable. Yes, they sometimes are annoying. Yes, they are fun. Yes, they can be frustrating.In short, they’re just like little grown-ups, only cuter.Our grandson arrived with his father on a flight from Denver late Thursday night. Well, actually, early Friday morning. Their flight was delayed by bad weather. We looked at the weather map and sure enough there was one spot of bad weather at Denver an...

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ODOT recommendation misleading

To the Editor:After reading the front page story Aug. 22, I would like for readers in Pleasant Hill to know a few things that are misleading about what ODOT District 7 has recommended about our monument.The monument honors our fallen soldiers from the Civil War. He has been protecting the intersection of State Route 718 and State Route 48 since 1895. Neither does the monument have to move like the council and mayor have been lead to believe or are leading our community t...

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