TC students raise money to aid typhoon relief

By Colin Foster

November 27, 2013

By Colin Foster

Staff Writer

TROY — A little friendly student-body competition brought out the best in Troy Christian students, as it helped them raise $4,115.90 for three different organizations aiding in the Philippines typhoon relief effort.

Senior Claire Bianco met with principal Mike Orange less than two weeks ago to discuss an idea to assist in the relief effort. In that meeting, Bianco talked to Orange about the devastation that took place in the Philippines as the result of one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded — and told Orange that she would be excited about leading a fund-raising effort.

Bianco spearheaded the operation by the Troy Christian student body, dividing classes up in to three teams. The seventh and eighth graders team raised the most money. The freshmen and sophomores formed one team, while the juniors and seniors formed the other.

“Claire was really the one who was the leader and who organized everything,” Orange said. “Of course, I worked with her and so did a lot of the staff, but she was the one who really took control and made it all come together. She did a great job.”

Each team raised money for a different organization serving in the relief effort. The donations were given to the American Red Cross, the Save the Children Program and the World Food Program. The students raised all the funds in about a week’s time, with Nov. 21 being the final day to turn in donations.

“They were donations turned in by families, acquaintances and by their church,” Orange said. “We didn’t do supplies or material items, we did money — because that’s what the organizations say they need most.”

Troy Christian has participated in aiding relief efforts following devastating events in the past. In 2010, students at the school collected $2,500 for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

“When there’s something like that that happens, we, like many other schools, look for ways to respond,” Orange said. “Our kids just really respond well when there’s a disaster or when people are in trouble or in need.”