Committee recommends assessment for sidewalk project

By Melanie Yingst

December 17, 2013

By Melanie Yingst

Staff Writer

TROY — Members of the buildings, streets and sidewalks committee will recommend to council to authorize an ordinance of assessment for a sidewalk portion of the North Market Street Improvement project.

According to city service and safety director Patrick Titterington, the sidework project came in under estimate costs. The original estimate for the sidewalk project was $130,470 but bids put the final cost of the work at $103,288.75.

Titterington said the next step is to prepare the invoices for the work to bill residents on Monday.

Property owners will be given until Feb. 21 to make payment to the city. If payment is not made, the amount will then be certified to the Miami County to be collected as part of the property taxes over a five-year period.

According to the table, payments for the sidewalk assessment range from $475 for the New Horizon Church of God Mountain Assembly up to Troy City Schools Board of Education bill for $16,387 for the sidewalk project.

Councilman Bobby Phillips said “I’m sure property owners will be pleased to pay less than the estimated costs.”

Committee member Robin Oda also approved to more forward with the assessment. It will not have an emergency designation.

Committee member Tom Kendall was not in attendance.


The Law and Ordinance Committee reviewed a recommendation to council regarding the vacation of easements at the CarStar location on Kings Chapel Drive North. The committee chairman is John Schweser with council members Tom Kendall and Lynne Snee.

Committee member Tom Kendall was not in attendance.

The Troy Planning Commission considered the replat/vacation of easements for the CarStar lot on Kings Chapel Drive North. When this was a vacant parcel, there was a storm sewer easement and an ingress/egress easement indicated on the plat. Construction of the new building is underway and that construction is over some easement areas, according to the report.

Titterington said the construction company moved the water drainage at no cost to the city of Troy in order to continue construction.

The new location of the easement is where the storm sewer is now located. According to the report, vacation of easements is a matter that requires council action.

By unanimous vote, the Troy Planning Commission recommended to Troy City Council that the replat and vacation of easements on Kings Chapel Drive North be approved as shown on the attached map.

According to city engineer Deborah Swan, the matter is to approve the plans and paperwork to show the readjustments on the city maps.