Grand jury: Marrs will face no charges for off-duty altercation with female teen

By Will Sanders

December 26, 2013

Will E Sanders

Staff Writer

PIQUA — A Piqua police officer will face no charges for an off-duty physical altercation he had with a juvenile female who, along with others, was vandalizing the officer’s home last May.

A grand jury heard the case and did not indict Brett Marrs, an officer with the Piqua force since 2004, for his alleged actions on the night of April 27 outside of his Piqua residence.

Several teens were vandalizing Marrs’ residence, including toilet-papering his property, and were chased from the scene by Marrs, who then allegedly tackled an underage female who attended Piqua High School.

As a result, the juvenile was transported to the hospital with a shattered ankle that required an operation.

Some of the teens were charged with either criminal mischief or trespassing stemming from the incident.

Marrs was placed on paid administrative leave after the incident while it was investigated.

Marrs is no stranger to being investigated or placed on work leave.

In May 2008, Marrs struck a bicyclist while on-duty — one of several collisions he was involved in since he was hired — and ultimately was dubbed a “liability” by the city and was fired. Marrs went on to sue the city and won his job back, along with two years of back pay, in May 2010.