Social media users speak out on shooting

By Melanie Yingst

December 29, 2013

Staff Reports

The news of Sunday’s shooting incident, which left one Troy Police Department Sgt. Jeff Kunkleman with a leg wound and one Troy man, Franklin Jones III, 30, dead and 24 year-old Samuel Butler wounded, set off a wide range of comments on the Troy Daily News’ Facebook page on Sunday.

To share your views about this story, visit, or “Like” Troy Daily News on Facebook. The following are just a few of the comments posted on the Troy Daily News Facebook page following yesterday’s breaking news:

(Editor’s note: Comments only were edited for language and clarity.)

“Wow Troy is becoming a dangerous place. Used to be a quiet town.”

“Seems like a lot more crime in Troy since Mumford and Sons took over the city. hmmmm.”

“It has nothing to do with (Mumford and Sons) pay attention to the social issues effecting our society. My husband is an LEO in a town in Ohio the same size as Troy and I am a probation officer. It’s heroin, bath salts and K2 that are generally the under lying issue of violent crimes these days. Compile that with the fact that it is the most dangerous and violent time of the year. People often during the holidays are edgy and unpredictable. Many result to suicide.”

“Prayers for the Officer and the LEO Family”

“I agree with (Facebook name removed) it’s the heroin and the other drugs that are in our city what is sad is we are losing a lot of young people to this drug prayers to the officer”

“This isn’t the first person killed by Troy police. What happened to non lethal shots and putting people to justice? It’s unfair to assume anyone is a drug addict without proof of such activity.”

1st of all our officers don’t shoot just for the (edited for language) of it we had a cop shot so what are they suppose to do stand there they did the right thing shoot his (edited for language) back if he hadn’t done anything wrong why was he hiding in alley our police are here to protect you need them they will come give them some credit they put themselves out there everyday”

“If it was my husband is he just supposed to risk not coming home to his family for the sake and regard of the other person with the gun aimed at him?”

“I just believe in the justice system. Innocent until proven guilty. I just want to know when we started killing people out if fear if what they COULD do. I also references previous incidences and not just the current one. I will never defend killing. The justice system is in place for a reason.”

“What (Facebook name removed) said was a slap in the face to the brave officers and the families they are lucky to go home to this morning. While you were sleeping cozy in your bed these officers stood in front of a loaded gun and stopped a disturbed individual who had no regard for any other human life. You should be thankful their are braver people than you that face dangerous situations so that you may be safe. Prayers for these officers and their families.”

“When presented the situation, a well trained officer knows they have one chance to make a decision that will ensure their safety. When it is between coming home to their family or giving the justice system a chance to work, family is the only option. Period.”

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