Spreading the love

By Colin Foster

February 19, 2014

By Colin Foster

The members of the Troy City Education Association are spreading the love in the month of February with their new “Random Acts of Kindness” project.

The idea for the project is to do good deeds for members of the community to help make their lives a little easier. There were 1,300 RAK cards passed around between certified teachers, with each teacher receiving five. Chuck Karnehm, a second-grade teacher at Cookson Elementary, said the basis of the idea is for teachers to give back to the community in a different way.

“I think teachers pay it forward every day they’re in class … but we do it for the kids,” Karnehm said. “We thought, ‘why not do something nice for the community?’ So each member got five cards, and during the month of February we are supposed to do random acts of kindness.”

The idea for RAK was hatched after a successful Christmas project by the Troy City Education Association. The Troy City Education Association got together in December and came up with an idea to help families in need. Through various donations, the education association was able to provide presents, gift cards, food and other items to more than five families in Troy at Christmas.

So far, according to Karnehm, the Random Acts of Kindness project has been getting positive feedback. Some examples of random acts of kindness have included shoveling snowy driveways or sidewalks, paying a co-pay at doctors’ offices, along with buying coffee and food.

Karnehm said they are hoping these acts of kindness have a trickle down effect throughout the community. He thinks those 1,300 random acts could turn in to 5,000 acts when it’s all said and done.

“Hopefully it’s an ongoing thing that will keep going … (it’s just about) giving back to the community — that’s what we’re doing,” Karnehm said. “It seems to be working because I’ve gotten lots and lots of emails from teachers saying, ‘hey, this is what I did, it’s kind of neat.’ From that, we have different schools organizing to help out at the soup kitchen and stuff like that — so I think the spirit of giving is catching on with a lot of teachers.”

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