It’s time for a new representative

By Melody Vallieu

April 3, 2014

Letter to the Editor:

This year the voters of the 8th Congressional District of Ohio will arguably have one of the most important votes in the country. They will be deciding whether or not to return their current representative and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Andrew Boehner back to Washington.

For 24 years Speaker Boehner has served in the people’s house in Washington, but this writer suggests that Mr. Boehner’s time should be over. In those 24 years the country has been in steady decline, brought about by years of improper and unconstitutional use of the national government, taxing the American people to provide programs and services that are not only unconstitutional but help to undermine the industry and spirit of the Nation.

Of course Mr. Boehner did not single-handedly cause this to happen, but he has been in Washington for 24 years and as Speaker has not shown the strength of leadership that is required to combat the forces that are at work to destroy America. We need a representative and a Speaker who has conviction, who honors and respects our great American heritage. A representative who will honor and fight for the Constitution and who will truly represent the wishes of people who elect him or her.

The fine people of the 8th District deserve better. The Great State of Ohio deserves better, and for the restoration and preservation of this great nation, America deserves better.

— Stephen Ball