LeDoux’s stabbing assailant sentenced to six years

By Will Sanders

May 12, 2014

By Will E Sanders

TROY — Carlos Adkins stood, lifted his shirt and revealed a series of knife scars in court on Monday as he stared directly in the eyes of the man that caused them during a Sept. 15 fight at a Troy bar.

A former bouncer at LeDoux’s Restaurant & Bar, 118 W. Main St., Troy, Adkins was one of two bouncers at the downtown establishment that was viciously attacked with a concealed steak knife wielded by Randy Lamar Jackson, 21, of Sidney.

Jackson, convicted of three counts of felonious assault at a court hearing in April, was sentenced to six years in the penitentiary at his Monday sentencing hearing for the assault. The knife attack nearly claimed Adkins’ life and caused serious physical harm to two other LeDoux employees.

Jackson’s public defender, Steve King, said Jackson was celebrating his 21st birthday with his brothers on the night of the stabbings and made the mistake of taking a steak knife with him.

“It was just a bad night,” Jackson said in court. “It wasn’t suppose to happen that way. There was a lot of liquor in my system.”

Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker asked the judge for the maximum, 16-year prison sentence for Jackson. She said four months before the stabbings Jackson was involved in a disturbance in Sidney and when police arrived he was combative and concealing a steak knife.

“He is not the quiet, introvert he makes himself to be,” Parker said of Jackson.

Jackson initially claimed he could not remember the fight and that his actions were in self-defense.

Security footage of the savage attack revealed otherwise. In it, Jackson stabbed one bouncer in the back of the head once and four others times in the back. Once Adkins came across the bar room he pounced on Jackson, but not before he sustained several knife wounds to his chest.

After Adkins realized he was stabbed, Jackson looked at Adkins and cruelly mocked him, saying that he was going to die.

When it was Adkins’ turn to speak in court, he stood up and locked eyes with Jackson and said he forgives him.

Adkins let Jackson know he, too, once served prison time, and encouraged him to take advantage of prison and get an education.

“Use your time wisely,” he said. “It’ll change your life.”

Adkins was airlifted from the scene on the night of the stabbing by CareFlight to Miami Valley Hospital and after surgery he didn’t regain conscious for four days. Medical staff originally gave Adkins a 5 percent chance of survival.

“I’ll never be able to forget Randy Jackson. My chest will always look like this, ” Adkins said. “I know what happened at LeDoux’s wasn’t meant for us. … At the end of the day, I forgive you.”

Another bouncer was also airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital and a third employee was cut and transported to Upper Valley Medical Center. All three recovered.

“I hope you took Mr. Adkins’ words of advice seriously,” said Common Pleas Court Judge Christopher Gee just before Jackson was led away by a court bailiff.

Jackson was given credit for 240 days he served in jail and will spend three years on post-release control after his release from prison. Originally, Jackson was charged with three counts of felonious assault and two counts of attempted murder.

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