Marriage licenses

Tiffany Nicole Billing, 27, of 2345 Meadowpoint Building D, Troy to Adam Daniel Rhodes, 27, of same address.

John David Potter, 30, of 406 E. Ash, Piqua to Allysia Marie Simmons, 32, of same address.

Ashley Loren Noble, 32, of 8781 E. State Route 36, Conover to John Fredrick Fields, 37, of same address.

Lee Christopher Martin, 32, of 821 S. Clay Street, Troy to Lesley Taylor Masden, 31, of same address.

William Michael Willoughby, 22, of 411 S. Market Street, Troy to Amber Lashawn Hogrefe, 32, of same address.

Lauren Michelle Hendricks, 26, of 18 Chapman Lane, Cold Spring, Ky. to Jason Edward Stevens, 28, of same address.

Bulmaro Roblero Ruiz, 32, of 201 Orth Drive, New Carlisle to Irene Porras Duarte, 42, of 1118 Scott Street, Troy.

Holly Lauryn Pierce, 23, of 603 Maplecrest Drive, Troy to Joshua Cain Fritts, 29, of same address.

Loretta Jane Burns, 46, of 185 Wisteria Drive, Troy to Aaron Andrew Lee, 45, of 130 W. Plum Street, Tipp City.

Jacqueline Michelle Hale, 35, of 1102 E. Franklin Street, Troy to Adam Michael Shea, 36, of same address.

Alisandra Catherine Jones, 20, of 1015 Crestview Drive, Troy to Brandon Alexander Ward, 20, of 202 East Simpson, Troy.

Jeremiah David collins, 39, of 115 Kiser Drive, Tipp City to Kristina Ann Connors, 33, of 115 same address.

Matthew Tyler Pearson, 33, of 12 E. Walnut Street, Tipp City to Chelsea Denise Gooding, 34, of 12 E. Walnut Street, Tipp City.

Melissa Kay Camden, 33, of 916 Fountain Street, Troy to Gene Junior Williamson, 32, of same address.

Christy Kay Gagel, 42, of 815 Timber Lane, Troy to Jon Micahel Hedrick, 53, of 5606 Troy Villa Blvd, Huber Heights.


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