It Happened Years Ago

By Patrick D. Kennedy - Archivist

25 Years Ago: February 19-25, 1992

• Tipp City — News was received today that Meijer Inc. officials have confirmed the company plans to build a distribution center at the southwest corner of County Rd. 25-A and Kessler-Cowlesville Road. They also stated that the facility could eventually employ as many as 760 workers. City Manager Greg Horn said it was great to reach this point in the process, but emphasized there was still much work to be done. The city offered Meijer a 15-year tax abatement as an incentive to locate the facility in Tipp City. However, the city will still reap the benefit of personal property and inventory taxes, which could amount to $2.1 million per year when the center is in full operation. When completed the facility will replace A.O. Smith as Tipp City’s largest employer. (Columnist’s Note: Meijer constructed an expansion for the plant in 2014-1015 in order to add a dairy production facility and refrigeration unit. The facility now employs over 800 people.)

• Troy — The city created the new position of Personnel Director recently and they have now filled that position. After receiving and examining about 140 applications for the opening, Robert F. Rice was appointed Personnel Director for the City of Troy and will begin on March 2nd. Mr. Rice comes to Troy from Columbus and the firm of Clemans, Nelson & Associates, a firm which specializes in personnel consulting services. The position was created by the city last year and was designed to care for employee orientation, development of a personnel manual, handling employee health insurance, disciplinary matters, assisting with employee contract negotiations and working with the civil service commission. Troy Service-Safety Director Arthur Haddad stated that one of Mr. Rice’s first obligations will be to bring the city into compliance with the American Disabilities Act. (Columnist’s Note: The position later became the city’s Human Resource director, as that name later became the norm in most business and municipality organizations.)

50 Years Ago: February 19 — 25, 1967

• Miami County — Longtime Troy resident and former president of WACO, Clayton J. Brukner, yesterday proposed a plan to donate 145 acres of his property and funds in order to create a nature-study center for area schools and residents. He presented the idea to representatives from local schools and one area university. The property is located on the Stillwater River adjoining the Fenner Pike. In addition to the land, he would donate $100,000 for capital improvements and $18,000 per year for income. He compared the envisioned center to the Aullwood Audubon Nature Center near Englewood. The National Audubon Society in New York has inspected the land and assisted Mr. Brukner in compiling a 70 page report on the potential. Mr. Brukner stated that this land has mostly been left to nature because it was not redeemable for other purposes such as farming. (Columnist’s Note: Clayton Brukner’s vision became a reality when the Brukner Nature Center opened in 1974. It is now visited by over 120,000 people each year. It is also utilized by local schools as a means of teaching children, especially those from the city, about nature and its cycles. Brukner also includes an Interpretive Center and an 1804 log house.)

• Miami County — Probate Judge Samuel Faust approved the creation of the Miami County Park District today (February 24th) and stated he was looking forward to the future of the District. Not one official at the state, regional or local levels opposed the creation of the park district. Miami County became the sixteenth county in Ohio to create a county park system.

75 Years Ago: February 19-25, 1942

• Troy — Paul Bixler, assistant head coach of the Ohio State University football team, was the guest speaker at the area Masons’ father-son dinner in Troy. More than 150 were in attendance at the event. Coach Bixler discussed football and the future prospects of America’s young college people now that the country has entered the war. He later answered questions regarding the game and delighted many with moving pictures of the 1941 Ohio State team, including highlights of the Ohio State – Michigan game. (Columnist’s Note: 1941 was Coach Paul Brown’s first year at Ohio State. His 1942 team was ranked No.1 at the end of the season. Paul Bixler became head coach at Ohio State during 1946, but stepped down after one year.)

• Troy – The Troy Nature Club enjoyed watching the hunting films of local attorney Leo H. Faust at their most recent meeting, during the eighth period. Mr. Pettay is the advisor and Mary Lou Louthan is the president of the club. The films viewed were from the fall of 1941 and the fall of 1940. In 1940, Mr. Faust, N.W. Van Ausdal, and Dr. & Mrs. Berton Hogle went on their hunting trip to Ontario, Canada. The 1941 trip was enjoyed by the same group, with the addition of Franklin Shipman, also a local attorney. Both trips were to the same lodge in Canada, where hunting and fishing was enjoyed by each of the travelers. Each individual took home their limit.

100 Years Ago: February 19-25, 1917

• West Milton — The Independent basket ball team of this town went down to Little York to play the Englewood team. The game was a slow affair, but the local team came out on top by a score of 44-15. The West Milton team consisted of William Hurley, right forward; Ed Schuesslein, left forward; Walter Wright, center; Louis Moore, right guard and Harold Zink and Harold Coate both played at left guard.

• Troy — Walter Smith, a former Troy resident, has been working in Panama, but recently communicated that he has accepted a position with the Guggenheim Copper Mining Company in Chile. The concern has mining interests all over the world and sought our young Mr. Smith because of his great work in Panama. He has a three year contract and an exceptional salary with the company. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Smith of Piqua.

By Patrick D. Kennedy


Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to

Patrick D. Kennedy is archivist at the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s Local History Library, 100 W. Main St., Troy. He may be contacted by calling (937) 335-4082 or sending an email to


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