Parks and Rec levy on hold

Lack of a council majority pushes levy issue to June

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will have a second reading of its proposed 10-year 2.01-mill park and recreation levy due to the lack of a super majority to suspend rules to pass legislation at the regular meeting on Monday.

Council members John Terwilliger, Lynne Snee and Doug Tremblay were absent from the council meeting. All agenda items will go to another reading.

Members of the Parks and Recreation Committee agreed to present the 2.01-mills park levy for city council’s consideration last week.

If passed, the levy would generate approximately $8 million over the 10-year period for proposed Duke Park North baseball and soccer field improvements, Miami Shores golf course clubhouse renovation and repairs and maintenance at the Troy Senior Citizen’s Center. If passed, the levy could cost $70.35 per $100,000 property value.

The levy was proposed by the grassroots organization called “Operation Recreation 2020” and is not a city-led effort. The group has also pledged to raise $4 million in private donations and possible grants as part of its “public/private endeavor” for the improvements.

Monroe Township resident Joe Taylor said he supports the “Operation Recreation 2020” initiative to be put on the November 8 ballot.

Troy resident Lester Conard said he feels sorry for low-income and senior citizens and social security benefits have been flat for three years.

“It now seems like its bike riding, kayaking and canoes. We supplemented the aquatic pool, Miami Shores (golf course) and Hobart Arena for the last four to five years,” Conard said. “It’s good for the tourists coming into Troy, but it’s bad for the citizens of Troy — we have to pick up the tab for those coming into Troy — it’s sad.”

Conard continue to state the school district is potentially pursuing a bond issue for its facility, utility costs are rising and insurance rates continue to rise.

“With all we are paying in Troy we are getting less services for our money’s worth. The mayor says our quality of life is better, I wish he could live on what I make and others and let us see if his life is better and his quality of life is better then — I don’t think so.”

Public hearings were held for the following zoning requests. A third reading will be held June 6:

• O-28-2016 Rezone part of IL 39 (16 S. Short St.) from B-2, General Business District, to R-5, Single Family Residence District

A Covington resident asked if the rezoning process could be expedited for loan purposes. President Baker advised the resident of the process and told him it would be voted upon at its third reading on June 6.

• O-29-2016 Rezone IL 8661 (532 Grant St./619 Lincoln Ave.) from M-2, Light industrial District, to OR-1, Office Residential District

Jessica Minesinger, local developer, spoke on behalf of her company which is purchasing the property. She asked council to approve the rezoning so the 25,000 square-foot building can be redeveloped into 8-11 “residential loft condos.”

First readings for two dedications of right-of-way were held for part of inlots 7099 and 7100, along Union Street and part of inlot 6384, along East Staunton Road.

Council member John Schweser also reported the city’s D-5 liquor permit request made by LaFiesta Express.

The finance committee meeting scheduled for Monday was rescheduled to Tuesday. The committee agenda items were to authorize the city of Troy to participate in the ODOT bid for road salt and to advertise for bids for the deposit of public funds. The Ohio Revised Code requires that the City Auditor must advertise for bids for the deposit of public funds to local financial institutions every five years. The current depository agreements expire in August.

Mayor Beamish read a thank you letter from the Redick family for the resolution of memorial for the late Dr. Thomas Redick, who passed away on April 30. Dr. Redick served five terms on Council, from January 1, 1988 through December 31, 1997.

The next council meeting is Monday, June 6.

Lack of a council majority pushes levy issue to June

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews


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