Rotarians host Xtreme Bots adviser


TROY — Between the Troy High School Science Department and Rotarian Bill Lukens’ company, Stillwater Technologies Inc., local students are learning advanced manufacturing skills when they join the Xtreme Bots Club. Troy Rotarians hosted Jason Orsborne, the adviser for the Xtreme Bots team, during their weekly meeting on May 24.

The idea for having an Xtreme Bots Club came from a phone call from Lukens. Stillwater Technologies manufactures robots, and Lukens was interested in educating Troy High School students in advanced manufacturing skills while helping them learn and exercise their problem-solving abilities. The result was a club of about 20 students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs. The students design and build motor-powered, remotely controlled robots that take part in combat competitions held at Wright State University’s Nutter Center. The creation of a robot begins with computer assisted design and must meet the rules of the competition. Once developed, the robots are judged on several design and performance criteria. Each one must have maneuverability and demonstrate effective offensive and defensive features needed to incapacitate an opponent. At the same time, no robot may weigh more than 15 pounds. Along with providing both technical advice and a place to meet, corporate sponsor Stillwater Technologies assists with the manufacture of the parts designed by the students. Each robot costs $2,500-3,000. Created by Ohio Robotics, Inc., the Xtreme Bots competition is the culmination of after-school, hands-on programs offered at high schools across the Buckeye state. The November 21, 2015 competition drew 30-40 different teams. The two finalists were from Troy.

Club adviser Orsborne has been on the faculty at Troy High School for 10 years. He is chair of the Science Department and also a chemistry teacher. Orsborne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science Education from Wright State University. To learn more about the club, visit the Troy High School Clubs and Organizations Web site at To learn more about Stillwater Technologies, visit their Web site at

Troy Rotarians, and the Troy Rotary Foundation, support several community projects annually. If you are interested in presenting your business or organization, please visit the Troy Rotary Web site at and submit your information in the “Contact Us” section. Troy Rotary is a member-involved, goal-oriented service club focused on socio/economic issues that have an impact both locally and internationally. You can follow their activities on Facebook at Troy Rotary Club.



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