Photographs by regional artist still on display

TROY — Don’t miss your opportunity to see the photographs by regional artist Jerry McGlothen, that are on display in The Troy-Hayner Cultural Center’s art studio thru July 8, 2016. The Hayner Center is located at 301 West Main Street in Troy, Ohio. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Jerry McGlothen has participated in the Hayner Center’s Through Our Eyes photography competition and exhibition where he won various awards with his regional photographs.

However, Italy is the subject matter for this exhibition.

“Come with me to Italy,” said artist Jerry McGlothen. “If you could enjoy the fragrances that surrounded me as I captured many of my pictures, you would enjoy a wonderful symphony, and perhaps a cacophony, of olfactory delight.”

His goal is to take the viewer away from wherever they are. Whether they’ve been to any of the sites he’s photographed, or have dreamed about visiting them; he hopes to give them the pleasure of viewing the image, and putting them in Italy in the moment. Perhaps viewers would be able to smell the pecorino romano cheese in Pienza, the wines being bottled or being tasted in Montalcino, or the ambrosial tones of the wisteria vines growing all over Italy.

For more information, visit or call (937) 339-0457.


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