Committee OKs park land sale

City seeks to sell 40 acres of flood plain land to park district

By Melanie Yingst -

MIAMI COUNTY — Members of the city of Troy’s Parks and Recreation Committee will recommend to council to approve the sale of 40.63 acres of the Paul G. Duke Park North, which is designated as a flood plain area to the Miami County Park District.

The committee approved the purchase price of $7,100 per acre, or approximately $284,000, for the land. The land is located along the Great Miami River on the former Paul Huelskamp Farm adjacent to Duke Park. The emergency designation was requested to finalize the sale and transfer the land to the park district.

Director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington said the land is not necessary for the city to retain and has been surveyed.

On Wednesday, Miami County Park District Executive Director Scott Myers said the land will stay in conservation with no plans to open it up to the public as an active public space. Myers said the area will help with water filtration from the river and stay in its natural state to attract wildlife within the habitat.

The park district applied for a $270,000 grant from the Clean Ohio Fund to acquire the land. The park district plans to reforest the area with hardwood trees, which are able to sustain flood waters. The park district was awarded a $21,000 grant to purchase the trees from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife organization, according to Myers. Titterington said the park district has already been planting trees in the area prior to the official sale.

Committee member Doug Tremblay asked how the park district will access the land. Titterington said the city will provide an easement to connect the land to Troy-Sidney Road.

In 2015, the city purchased the 117-acre Huelskamp Farm adjacent to Duke Park for $1.5 million. The Paul G. Duke Foundation approved a $300,000 grant and the Robinson Fund also pledged $300,000 for the park expansion.

The issue will be presented to council at its Aug. 1 meeting.

City seeks to sell 40 acres of flood plain land to park district

By Melanie Yingst