Commission reviews final phase of Stonebridge

Council to review final section of subdivision

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The city of Troy’s planning commission reviewed the final section of Stonebridge Meadows development on Wednesday.

Planning and zoning manager Tim Davis said the plan itself is recommended by staff with a contingency for “performance fees” or payment of development fees from prior sections before the final plat begins.

The final plan includes one modification to add a half-acre pond to the area where an existing house and outbuildings are located. The developer, Summerfield Land Company, would retain the house and remove the outbuildings and add the pond.

The final plat includes 22 lots on 8.668 acres with 1.456 acres of public street right-of-way.

The recommendation was approved with conditions that the previous section issues be addressed before moving forward with the final plat. The final plat approval will be presented to council.

The commission approved the Troy-Miami County Public Library’s request to make exterior renovations on Wednesday.

The application includes exterior remodel of the West Main Street entrance, fencing, gutter and soffit, siding changes, install new doors, remodel the north entrance and replace the exterior wall and pole mounted globe lights.

The scope of the project includes removing and rebuilding the south entrance of the library.The project also includes rebuilding the north entrance on West Water Street.

The commission also reviewed and approved temporary signage for Thrush & Son LLC located at 121 NE Public Square on Wednesday.

Commission member and director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington said he was concerned with the placement of the business’ signs which would be located in a heavy traffic area. While the signs met square footage requirements, Titterington said he personally felt the company’s signs did not fit the historic district’s aesthetic.

“I’m concerned about the visual aesthetics given that the sign is small, and I understand it has be with the way that the logo is, but with nothing behind it, you go straight from the sign to a lot of brick,” Titterington said.

Titterington later said he was seeking a way for the sign to designed to jut out away from the brick to offset the signage from the building.

Alan Thrush said his company has spent $8,000 locally and has hired two people to open the business and was hoping to get the sign issue resolved quickly.

Thrush said he liked the current sign he submitted to the planning commission and asked more questions about the look the commission was seeking from his company.

Titterington said he’d like to improve the brick/sign ratio, but was looking for something behind the sign to buffer the brick.

“We need to get the signage up and get rolling,” Thrush said.

Thrush offered to put up the signs submitted and revisit the issue in six months.

Vice-chairman Thomas Force said the applicant made a unique offer to move forward and review the signage within next six months. The commission approved the signage with the final signage to be approved by zoning staff prior to installation.

Planning Commission also approved:

• Rezoning of 19 acres of Agriculture-Residential as part of North Troy-Urbana Road’s Halifax Development to make the entire development R-1 Residential classification. No public hearing will be held by planning commission.

• Rezoning of 2569 W. Main Street from M-2 Light Industrial District to B-2 General Business District. The property was once used as a residence but is vacant. Prospective owners Wen Chun and Yanging Hsiang are the applicants. Future plans may include a restaurant and/or wholesale food business. Commission will not hold a public hearing.

• Window signage for 220 W. Main St., Troy, for Brethren Home Community Services.

• Window sign and awning for 103 S. Market St. for Reading for Change.

• Installation of four window awnings at 221 E. Main St. for Troy Community Works!

Council to review final section of subdivision

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews


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