Troy City Schools reviews state report card

Superintendent Herman highlights district graduation rate and ACT scores

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman addressed the district’s annual state report card results on Friday.

The Ohio Department of Education released 2016 school report cards on Thursday, assigning letter grades A through F for performance standards.

“It’s been really hard to wrap your hands around it honestly,” Herman said. “We are going through all this testing and no one really knows how we are doing — it’s frustrating.”

Herman said the district will have more consistency with the state tests this year after the state dropped the national PARCC tests and went back to state tests.

Herman said he has been focusing on the district’s ACT scores and graduation rate, both of which have increased in the few years. Herman said he chooses to focus on those two components because the ACT is a national standard test and graduation rates show the district continues to improve and accomplish its goal — awarding diplomas.

According to the 2015-2016 report card, 94 percent of students graduated in four years and 95 percent graduated in five years.

“I think we have a good handle on our kids. I think we are doing a great job, especially if you look at our graduation rate,” Herman said. “To me the great thing is our kids are going on to great places. Come spend 10-15 minutes with our kids, sit down and talk to them and you’ll be saying, ‘Wow.” These kids are sharp, these kids got it together.”

Herman said Troy High School students average score for the ACT is 23.8 and the state composite was 22.

“Our ACT scores went up and our graduation rate is high — it’s around 94 to 95 percent,” Herman said. “I use the ACT because it’s a national known test. Everybody knows it because it’s been around for years.”

Herman said he welcomes initiatives such as mandating each 11th grade student to take the ACT, which goes in effect this year.

“It’s a nationally known test. Every student takes the same test,” Herman said. “It’s fair. We know what’s on that test and it’s the same across the board. I’m OK with that.”

Herman said the district’s K-3 literacy report card grade is low, with an F, yet, the district’s third grade reading passage rate was 99.7 percent for the same year.

“That’s pretty successful I think,” Herman said.

According to Herman, in K-3 literacy there were only four A’s in the whole state and 240 “Fs” on the state report card.

Herman said there’s plans in the works to address the report card results at the state educational capital conference in November.

Troy City School’s component scores on their 2016 report card include:

• Achievement — C

• Gap Closing — F

• K-3 Literacy — F

• Progress — B

• Graduation Rate — A

• Prepared for Success — C

Additional grades and other schools’ report cards can be found on the Ohio Department of Education’s website

Superintendent Herman highlights district graduation rate and ACT scores

By Melanie Yingst