Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Sept. 14

SEX OFFENDER: A deputy reported the 815 W. Water Street, Piqua address was empty and they were unable to verify registered sex offenders address.

Sept. 15

SCHOOL INCIDENT: On September 14, 2016, the Miami County SRO was advised by a teacher at Upper Valley Career Center that a student had stomped on her foot and pushed her.

JUNK VEHILCE: The Miami County Sheriff’s Office notifed the following residents they were in violations of the village of Bradford’s junk vehile ordinance: 116 Harrison Avenue, 618 Harrison Avenue, 401 S. Miami Avenue, 608 S. MiamiAvenue, 430 N. Miami Avenue, 517 Liberty Street, 123 Clay Street, 214 W. Oakwood Avenue, 160 Wyatt Street, 602 School Street, 216 School Street.

ABANDONDED VEHILCE: A deputy located a maroon Oldsmoblie with Ohio registration GXH9274 on Swailes Rd., in the area of S. Co. Rd. 25A. The listed vehicle was off to the right side of the roadway with both driver side tires still in the roadway. The vehicle was not occupied and the doors were unlocked and no keys were with the vehicle. The deputy ran the vehicle’s registration through leads and it came back to Jerald Davis. Dispatch attempted to call him but he did not answer. The deputy then had Troy PD run by his residence but he did not answer the door. Due to the vehicle being in the roadway it was removed by Randy’s towing.

Sept. 16

ABANDONDED VEHICLE: A passerby reported to 911 that the listed vehicle had been abandoned along side the road at Kessler Frederic and Neal Pearson for a week. Upon arrival to the area, the deputy ran the Ohio license plate of GRJ9941 that was attached to the vehicle through LEADS. The registration came back with an additional notice for any Peace Officer to confiscate the plates on behalf of the BMV. The vehicle was removed from the scene by Jim’s Towing and the license plates were sent back to the Ohio BMV.


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