Wife recants domestic violence claim

Staff reports

TIPP CITY — The wife of a Huber Heights police officer arrested for domestic violence in August has told police she falsified key details of her statement in order to “purposely mislead investigators.”

Kimberly Blair, of Tipp City, admitted she mislead the responding officers when she reported a domestic violence incident on Aug. 22, police reports say. She was charged with falsification on Oct. 3.

Her husband, Matthew Blair, a Huber Heights police officer, was arrested and pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence on Aug. 23.

On Aug. 22, Kimberly Blair alleged that her husband “launched” a water bowl at her head before throwing two other bowls on the ground. She sustained cuts on her arm, finger and foot.

The Marine Corps veteran said that she and her husband of 14 years had argued about unpaid bills and that his “temper is crazy” and “things … happened before.” She told police that throwing the bowls at the dogs “was her last straw.”

At the time, she declined to fill out a narrative and refused medical treatment, saying that “would be another bill.”

Police records state that Blair told officers that the argument had been about his wife’s spending habits. He claimed that the argument had not gotten physical, but admitted he had “lost his cool” and thrown the dog bowl.

On Sept. 27, Tipp City police met with Blair at her request to discuss “discrepancies” in her original statement.

According to police reports, Blair then told officers that she never feared for her life during the incident and that she did believe her husband threw the ceramic dish in her direction.

She claimed that she “purposely mislead investigators” so that her husband could “feel the same pain that she has felt throughout the years,” adding that he had been distant during most of their marriage.

Staff reports


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