Man with BB gun causes school lockdown

Subject claimed he was shooting squirrels

By Melody Vallieu -

TROY — Troy Police Department has charged one person with inducing panic after he was reportedly using a BB gun to shoot squirrels in a trash can, causing Troy Junior High and High School to lockdown Friday morning.

According to Capt. Joe Long, at 8:54 a.m. a 9-1-1 call reported a male subject aiming a rifle with a scope near Splish Splash on North Market Street near the railroad tracks.

The area was checked by officers from Troy Police and the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. Splish Splash employees also were questioned and said they saw a suspicious person hiding in the bushes.

It was later discovered that a local resident was trying to shoot squirrels that were disturbing his trash with an air rifle, which is prohibited inside the city by law.

The male subject said his son texted him about the lockdown, asking his father if he was out with his BB gun and the man in turn called 9-1-1- and turned himself in.

According to Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman, each lockdown situation is handled differently depending on each circumstance. Herman said each school is technically “locked down” at all times, but during lockdown procedures, no students are allowed to leave the building and students outside are brought indoors.

“We first alert our staff and students because their safety is our priority,” Herman said. “We can’t be as fast as our students who are texting parents, but as soon as we have enough information we send out a One Call Now and we sent out a notification through our Troy City School app.”

Herman said, once school resource officers give the “all clear” students may be released to go about their day and parents are then notified.

The lockdown was placed around 9:22 a.m. was lifted approximately a half an hour later.

A One Call Now was sent to parents around 11:05 a.m.

Long said the man’s name has not yet been released following the conclusion of the investigation.

— Melanie Yingst contributed to this story

Subject claimed he was shooting squirrels

By Melody Vallieu