Council approves loan application

By Cecilia Fox -

WEST MILTON — At their meeting Tuesday night, the West Milton Council awarded several contracts for infrastructure improvements and voted to apply for a loan to extend a sanitary sewer line to Ludlow Falls.

The village has been working toward the goal of constructing a sanitary sewer between West Milton and Ludlow Falls, a project that will cost approximately $3 million. According to Municipal Manager Matt Kline, the village has been working to secure funding for this project in the form of grants, loans, and forgivable loans.

Council voted Tuesday night to apply for a a planning loan through the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA,) which can be rolled into a construction loan when the project starts.

The village has also applied for a forgivable loan from the Ohio EPA, which would not be awarded until December. In order for the project to move forward, the village is seeking a loan from the OWDA until the OEPA forgivable loan is awarded.

A permit to install (PTI) must obtained before most funding will be granted, Kline said, which is about six months of work.

“It’s a tight window,” he said.

In order to pay back the loan, the Ludlow Falls village council has agreed to authorize the village of West Milton to add a surcharge to their water bills, Kline said.

Council awarded a contract for a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project to Miller Pipeline. The project will reline the sewer lines and manholes on Emerick Road to help reduce inflow and infiltration.

“It’s a new technology,” Kline said. “They’ll be bringing in a synthetic material. They’ll go from manhole to manhole and heat it up, it expands and actually recovers the pipe.”

The total cost of the project, including the lining of the sewer line and of the manholes, will be about $115,000, which will be mostly funded by a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission.

“We did receive both a grant and a zero percent no-interest loan,” Kline said. The grant totals about $100,000 and the loan is $17,000.

The sewer lines on the entire length of Emerick Road from the corporation limit to South Miami Street will be rehabilitated, Kline said. The road was identified as a “weak link” in regards to rain water infiltration into the system, he added.

Council heard from Denis Albaugh, Commander of American Legion Post #487. Albaugh said he wanted to remind the community that the post is still active and serving the community.

“We’re proud to do it,” he said.

He also wanted to reach out to council to establish a better connection, in order to stay informed of community events. He offered council the post’s assistance in future events.

Albaugh also urged veterans to join, as the group’s numbers have declined.

“Our numbers are hurt, they’re dwindling quite quickly and we need younger people especially,” he said. “There is so much that we can do, but we’re just limited with the numbers that we have.”

The post meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at Fayevores Banquet Center.

By Cecilia Fox

Reach Cecilia Fox at

Reach Cecilia Fox at