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Hearing aid retailer opens

By Cecilia Fox -


TROY — The specialists at Hearing Solutions of Miami County, a newly opened hearing aid retailer, want to help people make sound decisions.

At Hearing Solutions of Miami County, their slogan, “helping people make sound decisions,” means offering free hearing exams and matching people with the hearing aids that fit their needs.

“We have a passion for helping people,” owner Gina Beaty said.

She and her business partner Jerry Rank are both certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Together they opened Hearing Solutions of Miami County last month and will host an open house for Oct. 23 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Beaty, also a certified health coach, turned her focus on hearing loss when her father started to lose his hearing.

“I see the impact it has on people and families. My dad was starting to very much withdraw from family events, sitting off by himself. It seemed like he was getting depressed. You couldn’t talk to him on the phone. My relationship with my dad was definitely hindered,” Beaty said. “I see this and hear this constantly in this field.”

According to Beaty, statistics show that it takes someone about seven years to seek help for hearing loss. Because people are often in denial about hearing loss, it often takes a third party to convince them to go, she added.

Beaty said that when clients come in for a hearing exam, they will not be pressured into buying hearing aids.

“We’re a no pressure clinic. At all. I believe that, when people have that denial, the last thing they need after it’s been weighing on them is to come in and then feel pressured to purchase something that can be expensive,” Beaty said. “Then it might take another seven years and at that point, they may be so far gone we can’t help them.”

The trouble with waiting too long to seek help isn’t just that person’s hearing might decline further, but also that their ability to understand sounds suffers as well. It can also pose other health risks.

“All five of our senses are crucial for the cognitive part of our brains to stay healthy,” she explained. “It runs us into a much greater chance of developing dementia. A five times greater chance.”

New clients will undergo a hearing evaluation to identify the nature and extent of their hearing loss. The exam will also determine how that loss interferes with a person’s ability to understand speech.

If their hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids, they would then have the option to try a set of hearing aids in-store. Hearing Solutions also offers a 45-day trial.

Hearing Solutions offers Resound brand products and promises competitive pricing, Beaty said.

“We don’t want to break anyone’s pocketbook,” she added.

They also keep up with the latest developments in hearing aid technology, Beaty said, like hearing aids that are connected by Bluetooth to smartphones.

At the open house on Oct. 23, visitors will be able to make appointments for hearing checks and meet audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. The first 25 visitors will receive a pie and people can enter to win a free set of top-of-the-line hearing aids, Beaty said.

For more information about Hearing Solutions of Miami County, visit or call (937) 335-3990.

Hearing aid retailer opens

By Cecilia Fox

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