Fair results

Human Tractor Pull

9 to 15 year olds

1st place

Farm Raised & Corn Fed

Adam Bensman

Cadence Gross

Jarrett Winner

Lauren Wright

18 sec.

18 sec. 36 sec.

2nd place

The Buff Boys Farm

Ethan Fine

Sam Sutherly

Ethan Paulus

Dustin Winner

19 sec.

18 sec. 37 sec.

3rd place

Just 4 Fun

Andy Baker

Chase Brown

Trenton Brown

Jack Wheelock

19 sec.

20 sec. 39 sec.

26 and older

1st place

Meat & Potatoes

Brian Gross

Matt Gross

Matt Howell

Jeremy Paulus

12 sec.

11 sec. 23 sec.

2nd Place

Parke Brothers

Ben Parke

Brenan Parke

Brian Parke

Phil Parke Jr.

15 sec.

12 sec. 27 sec.

3rd Place

Passive Aggressive Pullers

Alison Heitzman

Craig Heitzman

Phil Smith

Shelley Smith

17 sec.

13 sec. 30 sec.

4th Place

The Neighbors

Lisa Pence

Tammy Pence

Valerie Petry

Lacey Sauer

25 sec.

16 sec. 41 sec.

The Misfits

Terry Bennett

Terry Bennett Jr.

Josh Furrow

Rodney Ritter