Planning commission denies rezoning request

Owners sought Office-Residential designation

By Melody Vallieu -

TROY — The Troy Planning Commission on Wednesday unanimously denied a rezoning petition at 17 E. Water St.

With all members present, the planning commission reviewed the rezoning application for 17 E. Water St., for the building owned by Jeremy and Julie Carter. They couple was requesting the home and property be rezoned from Central Business District to Office-Residential.

A staff report — shared with the commission — requested the zoning request be denied due to the home’s location in the business district.

The owners, who purchased the property in 2006, requested the rezoning to obtain financing for interior upgrades and have had difficulty obtaining loans due to the home being located in the central business district. The owners were informed they would need a commercial appraisal, which has higher interest rates than a typical home appraisal and mortgage loan.

“The downtown zoning is made up of mixed uses, and the intent is to have that vibrancy of mixed uses, anywhere from eating establishments, boutiques stores and things of that nature,” said Gregg Harris, city of Troy assistant development director. “By rezoning this property, you are impacting the rest of the district, the Central Business District, by severely limiting the other uses that are allowed in that district.”

Tim Davis, city of Troy assistant development director, said staff members have heard from others on the block both in favor and opposed to the rezoning, and the bigger picture with the issue is that it also looks into the future of the area.

“I think this would be a bigger challenge to rezone this to R-1 and then try and come back with three residents on that block and maybe rezone those to a retail use in the future for development reasons,” Davis said. “I think that would be a bigger struggle than what you are looking at right now.”

Troy Mayor Michael Beamish, during the meeting, asked for clarification that the owners would still be able to do the remodeling they intend to do if the rezoning was not granted, but that the interest rate may be higher. Harris confirmed this was the case.

Both Jeremy and Julie Carter spoke during the meeting, reiterating that the current Central Business District zoning will impact the renovations to this home financially, however, and could cause more such issues in the future.

Patrick Titterington, service and safety director, said the couple has two choices going forward. They can now let the issue die and perhaps reapply with additional petitions involved or they can write a letter asking Troy City Council to consider the petition despite the planning commission’s recommended denial of the rezoning.

It was also brought up at the meeting that the building at 18 N. Cherry St., which is owned by the Miami County Commissioners and stores salt trucks, is under repair. All of the same materials are being used, so commissioners did not need to go before planning commission for approval.

Owners sought Office-Residential designation

By Melody Vallieu

Reach Melody Vallieu at (937) 552-2131

Reach Melody Vallieu at (937) 552-2131


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