Township to begin leaf pick-up

CONCORD TOWNSHIP — Concord Township’s 2015 leaf pick-up service will begin soon.

The following pick-up dates have been scheduled:

Zone 1:

Oct. 13-14, 27-28 and Nov. 13 and 16 — Kiser Lane, Woodridge Drive, Norbert Drive, Dorothy Lane, Barnhart Road (north of State Route 55), Jillane, Westwood Road, Woodlawn subdivision, and Lakeshore subdivision.

Zone 2:

Oct. 15-16, 29, and Nov. 3, 17-18:

Barnhart Road (south of State Route 55), Canterbury Court, Concord Woods subdivision, Black Oak Drive, Conwood Drive, Swailes Run subdivision, and Creekwood subdivision.

Zone 3:

Oct. 19 and 20 and Nov. 4-5, 19-20:

Shenandoah subdivision, Cedar Ridge subdivision, Home Acres, Timber Lane, Diana Drive.

Zone 4:

Oct. 21-22 and Nov. 6, 9, 23-24:

Merrimont subdivision, Broken Woods subdivision.

Zone 5:

Oct. 23, 26, and Nov. 10, 12, 25, and 30:

Broken Woods Village, Saxony Woods subdivision, Rosewood, Stonewood, Vista Ridge, Windmere, Carrousel, Boone Hill subdivision.

Please do not mix brush and limbs in with the leaves. Brush is disposed in a completely different way and limbs cannot be vacuumed into the leaf collection boxes.

Leaves should be raked 1 foot away from the curb onto the street to allow drainage in the gutters. For streets without curbs, leaves must be as close to the road as possible. Please do not rake leaves around mail boxes, trees, etc. Vehicles should be removed from the streets on collection dates. Foreign objects and limbs must be kept out of the leaves. Please have leaves out ready for pick-up on the first day of the two-day pick-up scheduled in the zone. If leaves fall late, the staff will make one more round to each zone between Dec. 1-4.

Township residents who do not live along the planned routes or in a less populated area can request leaf pick up by calling 339-1492. For more details on this and many other issues, visit