Liberals viewed as hyprocrites

To the Editor:

On a recent Sunday news show the Rev. Al Sharpton was discussing the problem the folks in Flint, Mich., are having with contaminated drinking water.

It seems the mayor of Flint and governor of Michigan are passsing the political “football” back and forth with plenty of blame to go around while the residents of Flint are becoming ill.

What caught my attention was when Rev. Sharpton commented, and I paraphase, “Where is the humanity of these two (Mayor and Governor) when it comes to curtailing the lead poisioning of the local population?”

Humanity?! Really Rev. Sharpton?! I agree there is a severe health problem in Flint – but you reverend are worried about the humanity of the mayor and governor? How do you know what humanity is? Where is your humanity as you and the liberal Democrats continue to support abortion — or what you prefer to call choice. I would say that your support of Roe vs. Wade and the subsequent murder of 60M (that’s 60,000,000) babies in the past 40-plus years really questions your humanity.

Liberals are so amazing and hypocritical!

So concerned about the lead in the Flint water — but 60M murders are no problem.

So concerned about middle class income.

So concerned about jobs.

So concerned about health care.

One thing they are not concerned about is the death of 60M babies who will never have the opportunity to consider clean water, a job, their income or health care.

— Larry Wilberding



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