Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Jan. 26

OVERDOSE: (Report received Feb. 8) Troy Police Department officials responded to 1350 Imperial Ct. Apt. D on a male overdose. Troy Fire and Ptl. Ross were already on scene and started CPR on the male, Rocky Staten.

After a few moments, medics were able to revive Rocky with a dose of naloxone.

Staten was transported to the Upper Valley Medical Center. Prior to leaving, warrants for Rocky were confirmed and he was advised of the warrants for a parole violation and failure to appear.

Jan. 27

SCHOOL ISSUE: (Report received Feb. 8) A Troy High School student was charged with possession of marijuana after officials found a video of a teen smoking pot online.

According to the report, Troy Police Department officials viewed a video on the Internet of a male juvenile who was smoking a marijuana blunt. The male was bragging about how he had more on him and he had enough to roll about nine more blunts. Upon investigation, the 14-year-old Troy High School student was identified by officials.

Officials questioned the male juvenile at Troy High School who was also in possession of marijuana at the school.

A school official conducted a search of the juvenile’s backpack and came across a black container that had AXE on the lid, he asked him what this was. The student was told that it was AXE Hair Gel. The school official opened the container and found it to have a greenish substance that resembled marijuana. The patrolman then used the a field test kit to test for THC. This sample of marijuana tested positive for THC.

The property was photographed, tagged and placed in the property room as evidence.

Feb. 4

ACCIDENT: A patrolman responded to a two car accident at the 100 block of E. Main St. A car backed from the north side of the street while a car backed from the south side of the street and they struck each other. Each driver was cited for unsafe backing.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A resident advised that his hood ornament was damaged off his Jaguar. He advised sometime about two weeks ago someone appear to have tried to take his hood ornament. The unknown subject failed to remove the item but damaged the workings. He advised he was not going to turn this into his insurance, just wanted Troy P.D. to be aware of this.

SCHOOL ISSUE: A Troy Junior High School official asked to speak with SRO Waite. The school official said that during his investigation of smoking in the upstairs boy’s bathroom, he discovered a male juvenile was in possession of alcoholic beverages.

The school official said the male juvenile was a suspect in the smoking incident because he had been documented as having a restroom break during the suspected times. He checked juvenile’s locker for smoking materials and located two bottles of liquor in juvenile’s backpack. The school official confronted the juvenile about the bottles and he claimed that someone put the bottles in his backpack prior to school without his knowledge. The student could not explain how he wouldn’t have noticed the considerable additional weight and glass-on-glass noise from his backpack.

The SRO removed the two liquor bottles and a small plastic shot cup from the backpack and returned the backpack and remaining property to the student.

The student will be charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol. The two liquor bottles and plastic shot cup were properly marked, packaged and placed in a property locker in the property room.

Feb. 5

CHILD ENDANGERMENT: Patrolman were call in the area of McKaig and Elm in reference to young children near the street with no coats on. Upon arrival, four children (ages of 4, 4,2 and 1) were playing near the edge of McKaig Ave. The mother, Kaitlin Curry, 26, was found to be asleep at 224 S. Elm and has been charged with four counts of child endangerment.

Feb. 8

SCHOOL INCIDENT: Troy Police Department were dispatched to the Troy Memorial Stadium parking lot for suspected drugs in a student vehicle.

Prior to arrival, a school official obtained several items from the male juvenile student who claimed that was all the paraphernalia he had.

The patrolman asked the student if there were any additional items in the car or would the official need to have a drug handler and his K-9 check the vehicle. The student stated that the school official had all the items that he had. These items included a clear round plastic marijuana grinder with a very small amount of marijuana remaining in the grinder. Orange rubber ashtray with marijuana residue, orange ZIG ZAG rolling papers in a clear plastic holder, Black and Chrome glass & metal Hookah Pipe with a hose, small black plastic pipe with marijuana residue, one pack of Camel cigarettes, one empty pack of Camel cigarettes with a clear sandwich bag with an unknown white powder.

The officer tested the substance inside the grinder and found it to test positive for THC. The property was photographed and marked as evidence.

Further into the investigation, the student claimed to not know anything about the clear sandwich bag that was inside an empty Camel box with and unknown white powdery substance inside. He stated that he had brought two girls to school with him today but they did not have the bag that he knew of so he understood that he was responsible for it as well. The officer advised the student’s parents that he would be charged with drug possession and drug paraphernalia and a cigarette charge as well and that they would be notified by Miami County Juvenile Court.

All property was tagged and placed in the property room locker. Charges were typed and sent to Juvenile Court.


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