Scholarship available to Troy students

By Annie Griffith

TROY — Troy High School seniors have been rushing to round up scholarships for college.

The Troy Foundations and The Future Begins Today are giving seniors a chance to earn the scholarships they are offering.

The Troy Foundation provided nearly 350 scholarships to Miami County high school students in 2015, totaling $648,000. Approximately 70 percent of that total went to Troy High School students, according to Melissa Kleptz, executive director of The Troy Foundation.

The Troy Foundation, established in 1924, has been offering scholarships ranging from $250 to $10,000 to Troy High School for more than 60 years. As long as the student meets the requirements for the scholarship, being a full-time student with good grades, they can apply to renew the scholarships for four years, Kleptz said.

Troy High School is one of many schools The Troy Foundation helps; all high schools throughout Miami County can also receive these scholarships, as well as schools to the north, including Jackson Center, Botkins and Minster.

“The main goal of the foundation’s scholarship fund is to provide students with a means of offsetting their cost in furthering their education post high school,” Kleptz said.

The Troy Foundation, along with the Miami County Foundation, are not the only scholarship sources to offer scholarships. The Future Begins Today has been providing scholarships to Troy High School seniors who have financial need since 1999. Last year’s scholarships varied from $400 to $2,000 per award, said Natalie Rohlfs, executive director of The Future Begins Today.

The executive director and the Board of Trustees Scholarship Committee makes the decision of who receives the scholarships by reviewing their financial aid/FAFSA documentation and completing an application by June 30, Rohlfs said.

“The Future Begins Today provides nurturing, mentoring and scholarship programming for Troy students. We begin supplementing students’ education and providing resources to them in the fourth grade,” she said.

The Future Begins today offers their Last Dollar Grant scholarship, which requires 15 hours of community service. The community can help support this grant by purchasing Strawberry “Sweet Heat” Salsa at the Strawberry Festival in June.

Annie Griffith is a Troy High School senior and member of the Trojan Tempo. She hopes to pursue a degree in journalism in college.

Annie Griffith is a Troy High School senior and member of the Trojan Tempo. She hopes to pursue a degree in journalism in college.


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