Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

April 25

THEFT: A theft of two gas power remote control cars on 04/24/2016 was reported. The complainant/victim suspects his ex-wife, a heroin addict, took the cars. Further investigation will follow.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to Genesis Healthcare at 512 Crescent Drive for a report of a theft of a pill. Upon arrival a report was taken.

April 26

WARRANT: Officers were dispatched to 414 Lincoln Ave. in reference to a Criminal Damaging complaint. Ptl. Misirian was checking the area on foot for the suspect and located Tanisha Sims on Lincoln Ave. at Drury Lane.

Ptl. Misirian checked Tanisha and dispatch stated she had a outstanding Failure to Appear warrant through the Sidney Police Department. The original charge was for driving under suspension and the warrant was confirmed with the Shelby County Dispatch Center.

Ptl. Misirian told Tanisha she was under arrest and to put her hands behind her back. Tanisha then reached down like she was grabbing her grocery bag and then took off running. Tanisha ran approximately 20 feet and then came to a complete stop.

The officer grabbed Tanisha’s right arm and guided her to the ground making sure her head did not strike the ground. Tanisha was told to put her hands behind her back and she complied. The officer transported Tanisha to the county line to meet Sidney Police Department. Tanisha was released to Officer Baker. A copy of the warrant will be attached to this report.

April 27

WINDOWS DAMAGED: An officer was dispatched to 8 Smith Street in reference to a broken window. Upon arrival, the officer observed that the front window of Penny’s Salon was shattered. A brick sitting on the ledge was observed on a bench and other items in the window but it did not appear that entry to the business had been made. Another officer noticed a portion of the broken glass appeared to show that a pellet/BB had been used to break the glass. A short time later, an employee of Smallenbarger’s Lawn Care walked over and stated there was damage to one of his cars next door.

After further investigation, a dark in color Jeep Wrangler pull into the parking lot after driving southbound on S. Market Street. No further information was available and the case was suspended.

FRAUD: An 87-year-old woman complained a male subject called her and claimed to be her grandson. She claimed he told her he was driving for a friend and got into a crash. She claimed the suspect claimed he needed money to settle a claim so he could be released from jail. The reporting party said she called relatives to get the money. She said they eventually figured out her grandson was not in jail and it was a scam just before a relative sent nearly $3,000 via MoneyGram.

She stated the initial call came to her at 10 a.m. and her caller ID said, “Unavailable out of area.” Nancy stated after the initial call with the male claiming to be her grandson, she was put in contact with “Richard Bates,” a subject claiming to be his attorney. She claimed she was to call “Richard Bates” at (778) 667-0102.

The officer ran a Google search for (778) 667-0102 and found the area code 778 belonged to British Columbia, Canada. The officer found numerous complaints of fraud attempts with the same backstory from the phone number.

This case is suspended as the case appears to be international and the reporting party was not actually defrauded.

ALLEGED BURGLAR ARRESTED: And officer came in contact with Matthew Nallen in reference to a warrant.

Officer Ross made contact with Matthew Nallen as he left Meijer store. Officer Ross notified Mr. Nallen that he had a warrant.

Dispatch confirmed the warrant for burglary. Officers transported Mr. Nallen to the Miami County Jail.

FAKE BILLS: An officer responded to Dad’s Carryout on the report of a male who tried to pass a fake $100 bill. The bill was not taken by employees and the male was no longer on scene. An information report was taken.


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