A first time for everything

By Kathy Henne

First time buyers are — excited to find a good deal, afraid of overextending themselves, and confused by all the conflicting reports about real estate. Well, that might describe any or all buyers right now, but those making their very first purchase may feel elevated levels of all these emotions. It helps to have someone with experience in your local market offer you some guidance.

Don’t be afraid to make your move now, regardless of what you’ve been hearing about the market. With affordability so high, you’ll find a flurry of activity out there, so you’re not alone in making the right decision to begin your home search.

Just try not to exercise excessive caution, or you may suffer what has been termed “paralysis by analysis.”

The first thing you need to do is to contact your local lender to get your loan pre-approval. Your experienced real estate professional will then present you with the facts and figures you need, and help you interpret the data so that you can make a sound choice.

Now is not the time to vacillate about whether prices or interest rates will still drop. There is nowhere to go now but up! With today’s historically low interest rates, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much home you can buy for your money.

Set aside your uncertainties. Chat with your real estate agent who can help you determine your “needs” and show you an inventory of homes to help you reach your goal of home ownership. Don’t hesitate and miss out on this incredible opportunity! Today is the day to get started!


By Kathy Henne

Contact the Kathy Henne Team RE/MAX FINEST by calling (937) 778-3961.

Contact the Kathy Henne Team RE/MAX FINEST by calling (937) 778-3961.


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