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Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at info@miamicountyhealth.net or on the website at www.miamicountyhealth.net.

These violation reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Feb. 5

Meyer No. 112 Gas Station, 1990 W. Main St., Troy — Floors unclean in office area and finish surface is worn due to construction traffic. Thoroughly clean floors and wax. Locate test strips. Loose threshold at emergency exit. Provide tight fit. Product name missing on donuts in case. Provide labeling. Continue to organize store.

Upper Valley Medical Center, 3130 N. County Road 25A, Troy — Felt food residual on handles of equipment (exp. coolers). Clean properly and when needed. Observed faucet with water dripping. Fix properly. Observed a few gnats near dish area open section. Eradicate safely and properly. Eliminate all wet areas not drying or clean drains deeply. Observed one section of buffet holding perishable foods above 41 degrees F in cold holding. Ensure all temperature controlled for safety foods maintain 41 degrees F or below to limit bacteria growth. Management removed foods.

Feb. 6

Koester Pavilion 3232 N. County Road 25A, Troy — Fix condensation issue at vent hood cooking area. Observed dripping water from vent hood. This issue is a repeat violation that occurs during winter. Fix dumping sink properly or replace. Observed leak. Clean dishwasher area of residual build-up. Deep clean this area frequently. Fix ceiling water leak in dry storage properly. Observed black residual on wall area in dishwasher area in two locations (dishwasher corner walls and air handler wall). Replace any caulking with black residual properly. No critical items at time of inspection.

Y’Alls Country Club, 196 N. High St., Covington — Finish work on flooring. Complete with approved flooring that is smooth and easily cleanable. Coolers are not functioning at time of inspection. Beer cooler and upright cooler was not working, owner is fixing the unit.

Asian Cottage, 761 W. Market St., Troy — Rice found setting out of temperature control at 86 degree F. Keep cold at 41 degrees F or below or hot at 135 degrees F or above to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Corrected. No sanitizer in wiping cloth basket. use 50-100 p.p.m. chlorine solution to properly reduce bacteria. Corrected. Foods being dated for eight days rather than seven. Properly date foods not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Day of preparation is Day 1. No date marking on cut cabbage. Date foods not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting. Rear exit door not closing tightly. Repair to provide tight fit. Observed empty can being used to hold soup in steam table. Remove can and use multi-use approved containers. Observed employee rinse strainer containing raw chicken and place back on shelf as clean wash, rinse and sanitize all equipment prior to storing as clean to reduce harmful cross contamination. Corrected. Observed employee handle container of raw chicken and enter walk-in cooler without washing hands. Properly wash hands after handling raw meats to reduce cross contamination. Correcting.

Tippecanoe Coffee, 22 N. Second St., Tipp City — Inside of cabinets unclean. Clean cabinets. Discussed locking up bakers cart in closet. Organize area so it fits. Food equipment and paper good on floor in storage closet. Keep items off floor.

Troy Christian Elementary School, 1586 McKaig Ave., Troy — Excellent temperatures observed. No violations at time of inspection.

Feb. 7

DJ Pizza Alley, 185 S. Second St., Tipp City – Date label all temperature controlled for safety foods in walk-in cooler (including cut lettuce). use or discard in seven days to limit growth of bacteria. Work on area near windows and sink areas. Replace wall surface with smooth and easily cleanable surface (water resistant). Also replace floor base section with proper surfaces and coved base along floor in damaged areas.

Randall Residence, 6400 S. County Road 25 A, Tipp City — Cover holes (that were cut into the wall) along one section of sins that on the wall. Properly cover. Replace caulking on wall and dishwasher surfaces, that has black residual. Recalulk and clean this section. Remove roasters from food service. Replace with health code approved equipment. Ensure papertowels are functional in front hand sink at salad prep area small area (also has drinks). Ensure papertowels are used during hand wash procedure. No critical items at time of inspection.

Fox’s Pizza Den, 19 N. Miami St., West Milton — Damaged wall in women’s restroom. Repair all walls and provide smooth and easily cleanable surface. Sauces made at facility not date marked. Date foods not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Walls unclean in areas with food splatter. Clean walls. Observed outer openings not secure by ice machine and front door. Seal all areas tightly to prevent rodent entry. Floors unclean under equipment. Clean floors. Refrigeration unit for pizza topping unclean. Clean. Observed plumbing upgrades done such as new grease interrupter and water heater. Will discuss with Miami Co. Plumbing Department. Continue to finish repair work by installing floor tiles, finishing FRP board and installing cove molding. Walk-in cooler walls and floors unclean and floors found weak in spots. Clean all surfaces and repair floors. Handles to equipment unclean. Clean handles.

Friendly Ice Cream Restaurant, 1901 W. Main St., Troy — Doors falling off at entrance cooks area. Repair door. Floors behind equipment unclean. Clean floors. Inside of microwaves unclean. Clean. Observed employee drinks on prep surface. Keep drinks contained and stored separate from prep areas to reduce harmful cross contamination. Gaskets moldy to refrigerated drawers. Clean gaskets. Old date stickers remaining on clean pans. Remove during cleaning process. Freezer floor unclean. Clean floor. If floors aren’t able to be easily cleaned, new floor surface must be installed. Handles to equipment unclean. Clean handles. Keep butter cold at 41 degree F or below unless documented otherwise by manufacturer.

Upper Valley Medical Center, 3130 N. County Road 25 A, Troy — Food service is not going to place temperature. Controlled for safety foods in the buffet section that is not holding cold foods 41 degrees F or below. Fix issue properly before food (that is perishable) can be placed in this section.

Maruti Gasoline Inc., 1314 E. Main St., Troy — All items/things have been completed for previous requirement.

Feb. 10

Walmart Supercenter No. 1410, 1801 W. Main St., Troy — Ensure chip section shelves are cleaned of chips/snacks debri from loose bags. Clean properly and frequently. Observed Marketside Pepperoni Cheese Bread on shelve (at room temperature) at the time of inspection; this bread is considered a temperature controlled for safety food (TCS food). Since pepperoni cheese bread did not come from a package/box with all the components in the box from one manufacture (ex. Maplehurst Bakeries, LLC) it is considered a TCS food. Please send Public Health information on approval procedure. This assembly procedure must be approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. All procedures must follow the exact instruction. A copy of the procedure must be at the store for review. This bread may be refrigerated until compliance is met and approved (41 degrees F or below).

Mojo’s Bar and Grill, 109 E. Main St., Troy — Deep clean cutting board on prep cooler of stained residual. Deep clean/resurface/replace cutting board. Clean hard-to-reach area on floor of residual build-up in kitchen and in food service and bar areas. Observed slicer with old food residual. Deep clean and breakdown completely when required (clean all parts). Grease hood and grill area/fryer area equipment must be deep cleaned. Clean frequently.

Riverside School, 1625 N. Troy Sidney Road, Troy — Dish machine not on at time of inspection. Ensure 100 degrees F for final rinse. No violations observed.

Youthland Academy, 840 Arthur Road, Troy — Excellent temperatures at time of inspection. Owner in process of repairing hand sink leak.

Bob Evans Farm No. 257, 1749 W. Main St., Troy — Clean hard-to-reach areas on floors and walls and behind and under equipment of residual build-up. Frequently clean. Observed food residual on grill/cook line equipment surfaces. Deep clean all equipment properly and frequently (ex. grills/coolers). Observed a residential microwave in bakery area. Replace microwave with a health code approved microwave. Observed damaged floor base in walk-in cooler, which is allowing pooling water near wall of walk-in in a small area. Fix properly. Walk-in freezer floor is not easily cleanable in “side” sections. Repair. No critical violations at time of inspection.

Ruby Tuesday No. 4802, 1780 W. Main St., Troy — Observed mop sink corner molding broke causing a hole next to front of mop sink. Fix properly. Observed water leak at dishwasher area and at faucet areas. Fix all leaks properly. Observed vegetable cutting utensils sitting in storage under prep table not cleaned properly. Clean properly and when required. Observed damaged gaskets on coolers/freezers. Fix any damaged gasket properly. Observed low grout areas on floor. Regrout tiles properly. Observed residual oil build-up on handles of equipment. Clean properly. No critical items at time of inspection.

Tipp City Foodtown, 960 W. Main St., Tipp City — Milk cooler unclean. Clean cooler. Meat Department: Damaged tiles, walls and missing grout in meat cutting room. Repair areas. Floors around chipper unclean. Clean floors. Produce: Walk-in cooler in process of being repaired. General Store: Mop sink area unclean. Clean area. Gaps and opening around loading doors. Seal opening to provide tight fit. Rescind complaint of customer having reacting after eating deli meat. Manager reports they have received no complaints. Deli temperatures acceptable at time of inspection and no employees have been ill.

Feb. 11

Bakehouse Bread Company, 317 Public Squaure SW, Troy — Fix faucet handle leak at 3-compartment sink. Mop hangers must be present to dry maps when needed at mop sink. Observed tape used on equipment parts. Repair properly. Stained residual observed on cutting board. Clean board deeply and properly or replace when needed. Microwave is not approved by health code. Replace microwave with health code approved one. Ensure ingredient labels are on all self serve/ self pick-up items on sitting area floor displays; to properly inform customers of ingredients.

Tall Tales Inn, 6 W. Pike St., Laura — Observed damaged seal gaskets on prep cooler. Replace all gaskets on coolers that need replaced. Clean top of pizza oven of burnt carbon build-up. Also replace wood shelve over over with durable surface. Sneeze guard/shield for hot buffet is missing. Provide one. Repair any wall base or wall area that has damage. Repair with smooth and easily cleanable surface. Observed food residual oil build-up on equipment surfaces (exp: handles, grill area and fryer area line equipment, and walls). Clean frequently and when needed. Observed residential-use hot holding unit and microwave. Replace properly with health code approved equipment. Work on clean up and removing things out of room with two freezer and mixer. Ensure room is in good repair. Ensure all freezers that are not working are required properly or removed from food service. Clean any dust residual on fan or ceiling surfaces or ice machine vent areas frequently and when needed.

Troy Elks No. 833, 17 W. Franklin St., Troy – Several foods not date marked in refrigeration units. Properly date foods with a consume by date not to exceed seven days to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting. Sliced tomato not being kept at 41 degrees F or below. Hold at proper temperatures to reduce harmful bacteria growth. Correcting. Locate test strips.

Troy BK Root Beer Inc., 2780 Stonecircle Drive, Troy — No thin tip thermometer. Provide thin tip. Damaged tile under cooking equipment. Repair floors. Opening at bottom of rear exit door. Seal opening to provide tight fit. Pop nozzles unclean. Clean and sanitize. Correcting. Damaged wall behind 3-compartment sink. Repair area. Tomato and tarter found out of temperature. Keep cold foods at 41 degrees F or below to reduce harmful bacteria growth.

Tipp O Town Restaurant, 1150 W. Main St., Tipp City — Dipper well not on and utensils found in well. Water must be running when utensils are stored in well. Floors unclean including grout areas. Clean floors and scape grout. All floors must be maintained in a cleaner state to avoid Health Department hearing in future. This has been an ongoing violation. Walls in walk-in cooler unclean. Clean walls. Foods uncovered in walk-in cooler unclean. Clean walls. Foods uncovered in walk-in cooler. Cover foods unless cooling. Missing grout in cooks area floor tiles. Repair areas. Microwave unclean. Clean. Walls in cooks area unclean. Clean walls. Continue to work on cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. No sanitizer observed in wiping cloth bucket in front area. Use 200 p.p.m. ammonia solution to properly reduce bacteria. Correcting. Owner reports carpets are still in process of being replaced and will be done when weather breaks. Owner reports it will be replaced by summer. Temperatures acceptable at time of inspection.

Feb. 12

Dunaways Beef & Ale, 508 W. Main St., Troy – Focus a deep cleaning schedule of all kitchen area surfaces. Ensure cleaning is done frequently and when required. Observed residual on surfaces in kitchen. Replace broken/damaged/or missing tiles or flooring properly. Observed residential equipment in food prep area. Remove and only use health code approved equipment for food. Resurface/ replace cutting boards or deep clean properly. Ensure cutting boards are cleaned when required. Felt food residual on handles of equipment. Clean frequently and when needed. New dishwasher racks are needed, that hold utensils in position in dishwasher. Observed old racks not in good repair. Clean ice machine of residual build-up when needed or complete cleaning every three months. Observed residual on surface inside.

Cookson Elementary School, 921 Mystic Lane, Troy — Food service in good operation at time of inspection.

F & P America Mfg., 2101 Corporate Drive, Troy — Monitor Grab-in-go case to ensure temperatures are continuously being maintained at 41 degrees F or below. Recommend setting defrost cycles during slow periods. Leak at water dispenser. Repair leak. Ran unclean. Clean fan. No sanitizer concentration observed at dish machine. Ensure 50-100 p.p.m. chlorine solution to properly reduce bacteria. 3-compartment sink being used to sanitize manually. Ero lab being contacted today. No shatter resistant bulbs in warmers. Provide proper bulbs. General organizing of facility has improved.

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