Commission approves Nottingham requests

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY —The Troy Planning Commission approved two items Wednesday that were not included on its original agenda.

Planning Commission approved a preliminary plan, contingent on park board approval for fees in lieu of park land, for the Nottingham development’s final section 9 and 10. The area will include 51 building lots on 25.422 acres. The lots will range in size from 12,040-square-feet to 25,530-square-feet. The phase of the development will connect Piqua-Troy Road.

The applicant is Jessica Minesinger.

City engineer Jillian Rhoades said there will be a graveled access road for construction and emergency services only from Piqua-Troy Road to Loxley Road. City of Troy Fire Department Chief Matthew Simmons said he supported the access road for fire and medical services to get to the neighborhood.

“This will be a drive that will not be open to the public, we’ll only access it if there’s an emergency,” Chief Simmons said.

Planning and zoning manager Tim Davis said there is no park land in the subdivision and requires fees in lieu of park land. Construction of the access road with asphalt is expected to be complete in the summer of 2017.

Planning commission member Patrick Titterington said the neighborhood has had several medical and a fire incident in the last few months — so there is a need for emergency access.

Titterington, a resident of the Nottingham neighborhood, abstained from voting, noting “this is going to be a great project and our properties will indirectly financially benefit.”

Minesinger said the final two phases will follow the same restrictions previously approved by the commission and council.

“It really should be a very seamless transition and look like it was always part of the neighborhood,” she said.

Commission also approved signage for the 322 W. Main St. building. The applicant, Quint Creative Signs, was approved to place two signs one on the West Main Street side and on the Oxford Street side of the building.

In other commission news:

• The commission welcomed new member N. Lawrence Wolke who has been appointed to fulfill the unexpired term of Stephanie Johnson.

• The commission unanimously approved to extend the time frame for the Gentlemen of the Road badges to remain on the east facade of the Masonic Temple Building on 107 W. Main St. The application is to extend the time frame for removal from early 2016 to late 2016.

• The commission approved two applications for the 121 Public Square NE for first floor store front alterations with funds from the city of Troy’s CDBG funds. The second application is to leave the original exposed brick on the upper floors of the building. The application asks to only paint the trim “serious gray.” The applicant is the Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County.

• The commission approved the application to install a columbarium in the courtyard between the First Presbyterian Church and the alley. The application was submitted by First Presbyterian Church treasurer Tom George. A columbarium is a memorial where cremated ashes may be stored.

• The commission approved an application to install solar panels at 1509 Brook Park Drive. Per Zoning Code Section 1151.14 (f)(2), if solar panels would be installed so that they are would be visible from the public right-of-way, installation can only proceed if approved by the Planning Commission. The owner/applicant is William and Kelly Boyd. All neighbors signed a petition granting the Boyds’ their permission to place solar panels on their roof.

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or on Twitter at @TroyDailyNews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or on Twitter at @TroyDailyNews


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