Residents oppose development changes

Ask council to reject phase four changes

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Residents in and around the Stonebridge Meadows development off of State Route 718 spoke against the proposed changes to the planned development during a public hearing at the regular city council meeting on Monday.

The ordinance had its second reading and will go to the law and ordinance committee at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15, at City Hall. The proposed reconfiguration of phase four includes increasing the development’s total lots from 134 to 138 lots and removing an existing home adjacent to the development.

Council member Tom Kendall was not present.

Glen McMurray, a new resident of Stonebridge Meadows, said most residents aren’t opposed to the development of Stonebridge Meadows, but are more interested in maintaining the integrity and uniformity of the subdivision.

“What we would respectfully submit, and I am a partner with the law firm of Dugan & LeFevre here in town, that the council does have the ability to take in the uniformity of our division into consideration in deciding to grant any amendment to the plan. So we request that the council do that and reject this current proposal. At the very least, send it back to the person who is proposing it with the request that they consult with the current residents and in the hopes that we can come to some form of agreement on what we do with our development moving forward.”

New Stonebridge Meadows resident Micky Hamer agreed with McMurray’s points and added that the residents want to maintain the integrity of the subdivision. Hamer said there have been many changes from the development’s plan when he bought his home in the neighborhood. Hamer encouraged council to reject the proposal as well.

Dale and Kristy Morrow spoke against the development changes. The couple lives across the street from the development on State Route 718.

Dale Morrow said some of the developments covenants also work with their property and asked for council to reject the changes.

Stonebridge Meadows resident Mike Klingshirn also asked council to reject the proposed changes.

“I hope that when I hear what it is going to cost her (Judy Tomb, developer of Stonebridge Meadows) to do this and do that, I hope people take into account some of the changes that are going on and what it’s going to cost the current residents,” Klingshirn said. “I know some of the changes, and some of the changes we’ve been hearing about, I figure I’m going to take a 20 percent hit on my property value with what is going on out there. I believe we’ve had enough changes being made to this development. I don’t think what is going on out there is what you guys expected when you approved the original ordinance.”

Klingshirn said if council did approve the changes, he hoped it came with strings attached.

Chief Matthew Simmons introduced the city of Troy’s new firefighter Kyle Colbert. Colbert was previously employed for five years at the Springfield City Fire Department. He also works part-time with the Tipp City Fire Department as an EMS supervisor.

Ask council to reject phase four changes

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews