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Aug. 11

Miami Shores Golf Course at 4023 Staunton Road - Replace of resurface cutting board on prep cooler. Hard to reach areas has darkish residual on floor. Clean deeply and properly. Observed utensils bases on floor in storage room. Ensure all clean items and utensils are off the floor. Dishwasher not working. Repair and replace. Don’t use until fixed.

Aug. 12

Remedi RX at 962 S. Dorset Road in Troy - All temperatures okay. Cold machine locked. Operator replacing frozen machine lock upon inspection.

Piqua Country Club Snack Bar at 9812 N. Country Club in Piqua - No violations.

Skippers Tavern at 101 N. Miami Street in West Milton - Outdated foods in refrigerator. Use or discard perishable doors within 7 days to limit the growth of bacteria. Observed floods in hard to reach areas unclean. Ensure spoon, fork, and knife utensils are stored with handles up to protect utensils from contamination.

Ulbrich’s Hometown Bakery - Hot water at back hand sink not working. Provide hot water properly and fix the issue. Sanitizer test kit not present. Coffee stir stick and straws must be places in a dispenser at the self-serve area. This will protect the clean straws from the contamination of hands.

Aug. 13

VFW Pleasant Hill at 7578 W. Fenner Road in Pleasant Hill - Food missing date labels. Date foods not to exceed 7 days to limit growth of bacteria. Observed fryers on a plastic table top. Ensure proper table for fryer. Also check with local fire post to ensure that the fryer is being used safely. Observed residential equipment in storage. Residential equipment is not permitted for use. Soap and paper towels must be at all hand sinks. Place soap and paper towels properly at all hand sinks to ensure proper hand washing.

Troy Senior Citizen Center at 134 N. Market Street in Troy - Food service is good at the time of the inspection.

Rody’s Dairy Bar at 1125 S. Miami Street - Ensure condensation in walk-in cooler is drained properly. Observed containers containing water. Clean inside ice machine. Observed unclean area in ice machine. Observes cracked plastic lid on hat holding unit. Replace lid properly. Observed cracked plastic lid on hat holding unit. Ensure all plastic tableware are facing down to storage containers to protect from containers.

Igloo Drive Thru at 94510 W. Main Street - Establishment good at time of inspection.

Big Mikes Gas ‘n Go at 1333 Archers Drive - Food service is selling and hot holding pizza. This moves the food service risk level to a rick level 3 license. This food service will be restricted to serving pizza only and then places in hot holding. Observed sandwiches loosely wrapped not date labeled.

Troy Bulk Barn and Deli at 4 W. Main Street in Troy - Complaint - A food employee was cleaning with bleach and was directly handling meat and cheese orders from another employee. The employee never did wash their hands prior to handling the complainant’s meat order and the meat and cheese smelled like bleach. The inspector spoke to the person-in-charge and went through the hand washing procedure and she understood these items.

Regal Beloit at 531 N. Fourth Street in Tipp City - No violations noted.

Aug. 14

Village Pizza and Drive Thru at 3025 Miami Avenue in Bradford - Observed perishable foods not date labeled. Ensure all temperature controlled for safety foods are dated and used or discard in 7 days to limit growth of bacteria.

Designate drinks in area away from clean surface or food. Observed drink in coolers and surface are near prep. Repair broken seal or any cooler where needed.

Homestead Gold Course at 5327 Worley Road in TIpp City - Water sample must be taken or result much be present. Submit water test result to health department.

Aug. 15

Arby’s at 903 W. Main Street in Troy - Complaint - Wall paper peeling, food debris at base tables, mold on wallpaper, and ceiling panels dirty. The inspector observed water damage on the wall paper and water damaged ceiling tile.

The Buzz Thru Drive Thru at 7031 S. Co. Road 25A - Complaint - The complaint was that there were no restrooms for the public. The inspector observed no issues observed at the time of inspection.

Dolphin Club at 7326 State Route 708 in Troy - Replace handle on the toaster.

Aug. 18

Troy Aquatic Park at 460 Staunton Road in Troy - Facility closed at time of inspection.

Aug. 19

La Piazza at 2 N. Market Street in Troy - Observed utensils sitting in the clean storage container facing up with eating surface unprotected. Store utensils properly to prevent hard contamination of eat surface. Observed went hood with oil build-up. Clean properly and when needed. Observed ice machine with unclean residual on surfaces. Clean properly and when needed. Observed chemicals stored among clean utensils/equipment. Store properly to help prevent the risk of containing utensils.

Aug. 21

Dunaways Beef and Ale at 508 W. Main Street in Troy - Complaint - Responding to complaint of facility.

Observed knats in the draft beer and cut fruits area behind the bar and in the kitchen. Fruits disposed by worker. Drains in the kitchen are full of food debris. They must be cleaned out and top replaced to eliminate pests. Bleached much be poured down the drains and cleaned. No spiders or foul odor observed at this time.

Dunaways Beef and Ale at 508 W. Main Street in Troy - Observed container of beef, ham, and turkey with dates greater than 7 days. Disposed to limit germ growth. Observed cutting boards for food contact surface very stained and cut. Surfaces must be clean and smooth and easily cleanable. Cleaning frequency no food contact surfaces. Observed water and food debris in the bottom of the food prep refrigerator and in the gaskets. The area between the stove and pizza oven is very dirty with food and debris and crust. The pizza over is very dirty with food debris. The floor drain in the kitchen is broken, allowing a lot of food debris to accumulate in the drain. Fix drain to allow for draining and reduce harborage. Floor tiles in the kitchen are cracked or broken and needs to be replaced to be easily cleanable. Preventing contamination from premise and observed bags of ice and boxes of food on the floor in the walk-in freezer. Food must be stored 6” off the floor to prevent contamination. Due to this facility being overall very unclean, date marking issues with foods, post issues, and history of maintenance and cleaning issues, the license holder must appear at a hearing with the environmental director. Observed standing water in the basement dry storage area. The water is a 1/2 inch or so in spots.

Aug. 22

Silver Lake Beach Club at 4720 S. Scarff Road in New Carlisle - Before starting up operations, make all equipment work properly.

West Milton Eagles at 2270 S. Miami Street in West Milton - Observed ham, hot dogs, salad bags, and brats without any dates. The hot dogs had green mold growing. No date marking found at all, all good disposed by worker. No test strips available to text sanitizer. Will check dishwasher on follow up. Have it on and ready. Observed ice build up and dripping in the walk-in freezer. The freezer needs to be repaired to stop leaking from underneath the ice to prevent contamination. Observed pizza screens with food debris. Hot dog roller has grease and food debris. Clean all food contact surfaces to prevent contamination. Observed pizza boxes on the floor in the kitchen. All single service items must be stored off floor to prevent contamination. Observed gnats behind the bar. All drains and pop nozzle holders must be cleaned daily. Pest control may be needed in unable to control.

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