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Sen. Sherrod Brown - Contributing Columnist

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This Veterans Day, we must reaffirm our commitment to those who sacrificed so much in defense of our country, as well as the families that supported them along the way. From those who served in WWII to those recently returning from the Middle East, their long tradition of bravery and sacrifice for our nation should be honored on Veterans Day and every day.

As a nation, we are grateful to the bold few women and men who volunteer to protect our country. The debt owed to those who have served in our armed forces can never be fully repaid but we must constantly work toward that end. Congress should continue the progress made in recent years addressing the needs and concerns of veterans and come together to find solutions for the challenges veterans and their families continue to face.

This includes creating educational and employment opportunities for veterans transitioning to civilian life. That is why I introduced legislation requiring the VA to develop a plan to improve its vocational rehabilitation services. When veterans can find high-quality, good-paying jobs, transitioning and adjusting to civilian life is easier both for them and their families.

My obligation as a United States Senator to assist America’s heroes and their families is sacred to me. I am committed to working with my colleagues on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, the VA, veteran service organizations, and veterans to build on the work we have done in recent years. Through a combination of increased federal investments and improved services, we have made real headway in the fight to ensure that all veterans have a place to call home. Since 2010, homelessness among veterans has declined 47 percent. Still, even one homeless veteran is too many. I’ve joined with a bipartisan group of colleges to create comprehensive veterans’ legislation that would increase outreach to landlords to encourage them to rent to veterans. The bill would also expand the definition of a “homeless veteran” — so more veterans, including those facing domestic abuse, could access housing assistance — and provide grants for organizations that support formerly homeless veterans.

My staff and I remain ready to help veterans, their families, and their survivors access health care, benefits, and opportunities for education and employment. We can also assist with other actions, such as discharge reviews and awards replacement. If you or someone you know needs any assistance, please contact my office toll-free at 1-888-896-OHIO (6446) or visit my website at https://www.brown.senate.gov/contact.

Connie and I thank the brave women and men serving in our armed forces and their families for their courage and dedication to our country.

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Sen. Sherrod Brown

Contributing Columnist

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