Levies tax increase will be burden on all citizens

To the Editor:

I no longer live within the city limits of Troy.

As a business person, I do have earned income in Troy and pay, along with my staff, Troy income tax. With the city seeking a tax levy, I am writing this letter to express my opinion.

I am in favor of a “Miracle Field” as it is noble and worthwhile goal. I am not in favor of a tax increase that ties a myriad of other interest groups desires into a burden on all citizens.

Over a million dollars in recent history was transferred from the residents to the general fund concerning trash payments. The residents were taxed for the Adams Street Bridge replacement. Sidewalk repairs are an expense for the residents. I suspect a future expense for residents, and not the city, will be curbs. In my opinion, large sections of curbs in the city are in a state of disrepair and a detriment to the eye appeal of the community.

In my opinion, the river corridor is being improved at the expense of the neighborhoods which support it. Both I and my parents resided in Troy for many years during which time the electric plant was sold and the funds invested. In my opinion, that fund is now over $30 million with a government attitude that this is in reserve. If the city is dire financial straits, then now is the time to re-examine that issue and give funds back to the citizens to which they belong.

I see no need to again dip into the pocket books of all those who not only live in Troy, but work in Troy adding more dollars to the general fund for bureaucrats to tinker with. Economic development has been a No. 1 goal of the mayor and city council for years. In my opinion, with new housing developments, commercial concerns and businesses, the city has not planned or budgeted well or this levy would not be necessary. I would vote no on this issue. Your millions of dollars are in the bank. The funds belong to you, not the politicians and bureaucrats.

If the goal is as important as has been stated, private funds or government funding that does not require a tax increase can still achieve the desired outcome. Historically, Troy has supported the Lincoln Community Center and the Troy Rec without tax dollars. If government intervention and micro-managing into the lives and economic well-being of the citizens continues, then the statement that Troy, Ohio “A Good Place to Be From” may be was, not is!

Our elementary school system is functionally obsolete with new taxes for land acquisition and buildings looming in the near future. As a working senior citizen, I’m glad to live in a country where I can express my opinions without fear of reprisals or derision.

In my opinion the recreation issue is one of wants, not needs. Troy voters at least this time have been given a choice. We’ll await the outcome.

— Jerry L. Stichter



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