Editorial roundup

Nov. 2 , Minot Daily News, Minot, S.D.

Disagree with kicking the can again

Obviously, it would be better for all involved if Rep. Paul Ryan takes office as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives with the cleanest slate possible before him. Ryan, R-Wisconsin, should not be burdened with unnecessary controversies and confrontations.

But that does not mean House conservatives should cave in to President Barack Obama’s demands for bigger government and more deficit spending.

Reportedly, some lawmakers are working hard to finalize a sweeping deal on federal spending before incumbent Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, steps down in a few days. No doubt Obama and liberals in Congress are delighted the conservatives may grant them concessions, to spare Ryan a battle.

Giving in to the White House would create more headaches for Ryan in the future, however. At some point, responsible members of the House simply must reverse the liberals’ push for more expensive, more intrusive, less responsible government. The official national debt has reached $18.1 trillion — and that does not count trillions more in off-the-books red ink.

One reason Boehner is leaving is that some fiscal conservatives were unhappy with his reluctance to preside over a spending showdown with the White House. Ryan should be among the first to disagree with the idea of kicking the can down the road again.

Nov. 3, The Winston-Salem Journal on Winston-Salem State University shooting:

The shooting on the campus of Winston-Salem State University early Sunday shattered a happy homecoming. One student was fatally shot and another was injured. The school is grieving now. The slain student and all his promise can’t ever be forgotten.

And as the injured student recovers, so will the school. That’s a certainty. We’re all behind the school. As Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines said in a press release, the city joins WSSU in grieving Anthony White’s death and the injured student. “This terrible incident has marred what should have been a weekend of celebration for the new chancellor and for returning alumni enjoying their homecoming weekend. I urge all the citizens of Winston-Salem to keep these students, their families, and the Winston-Salem State community in their thoughts and prayers.”

We hope that the suspect, Jarrett Jerome Moore, a former WSSU student, is investigated and prosecuted fairly and justly. Back in August, Moore had been arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting a public officer.

The student fatally shot was 19-year-old Anthony White Jr. of Charlotte, the Journal reported. He was studying information technology at WSSU. He’d been a talented football player in college, his mother, Xavier Martin, told The Charlotte Observer, but chose not to play sports in college so he could focus on his education.

God only knows what Anthony White might have accomplished.

The shooting was a terrible setback. Several years ago, the school experienced problems with crime. It responded with heightening security.

And the school responded well to the shooting, alerting students and putting the campus on lockdown. Chancellor Elwood Robinson, whose installation was part of homecoming week, stayed true to form in strong leadership. Weeping comes in the night, he said, quoting the Psalm, but joy comes in the morning. “We seek the joy that comes in the morning,” he said.

So should we all. There will be grieving on campus, as well there should be. Eventually, justice will be visited upon the shooter.

And this we know for sure: Nothing keeps Winston-Salem State University down. That school has a city and a lot more behind it.

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