Thank you to Troy Foundation

To the Editor:

Thank you for the grant that was given to us in April of this year. I can never thank the Troy Foundation enough for your help in out mission to help others here in Troy. Since your grant was given to us, we have used it to help the following number families in these categories:

Eight families with 16 members with rent — $809

10 families with 29 members, DP&L — $1,046

Two families with food — $100

Four families with Vectren bill — $205.79

Two families, automobile gas — $90

For a total spent — $2,250.79

$2,000 of this money came from the grant that the Troy Foundation made available to us. May God continue to bless all who are involved in your organization for all the help you give out to this area. Thank you so much.

— Jim Millhouse

President, St. Vincent DePaul Society