Just change the signs

To the Editor:

This LGBT restroom thing has been in the news a lot. States are now defying the Feds on the matter. Some say we’ll have grown men going into the restrooms stalking women. Others say we’ll have schoolboys going into them because they “feel like a girl today.” This a tempest in a teapot. A simple solution may have a plus. Change nothing but the signs on all restrooms to unisex.

Then if a woman or transgender wants to use a restroom that features prominent urinals, who cares. And it stops the logjam there often is in front of women’s restrooms because there are too few stalls. Go where you want for whatever your reason. Relax. Don’t bother putting the urinals in stalls, because the guys won’t care anyway.

They have someone standing next to them as it is, and the girls probably won’t want to share anyway.

— John Enright



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