Common sense replaced by fiscal stupidity

To the Editor:

Has common sense been replaced by fiscal stupidity?

There was a time here in Troy when you could put storm damaged tree twigs and branches at the curb and the City of Troy used to come by and pick them up. But now instead, a city of Troy trash inspector drives around cowardly taking pictures and then sends you threatening letters in the mail that you are in violation of litter codes. What I find hilarious is that he couldn’t get out of his car and talk to us and explain the issue, which would have taken 30 seconds to explain and been taken care of on the spot. But instead, wasted the paper, ink and postage cost to send a threatening letter to accomplish what could have been taken care of in a brief conversation.

I guess Troy can’t afford to pay the streets dept workers to do what they did for years, but can pay someone to drive around and take pictures and send threatening letters to its residents all in the name of saving money to pay for frivolous projects like Treasure Island that floods all the time?

— Seth Colley


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