Duchak is choice for sheriff

To the Editor:

I encourage you to vote for Dave Duchak for sheriff.

I am a recently retired sheriff’s deputy and am currently active with the Miami County FOP. I have known Dave for his entire career. From working with Dave and watching him progress through the ranks of the sheriff’s office, I have seen Dave work as team player, develop fantastic leadership skills, uphold high moral standards, boost morale, and show integrity that is second to none.

Dave knows and cares greatly for the community and its citizens. He is very passionate about making sure the victims of crimes are treated with respect and dignity. Dave is also very pro-active about facing problems in our community and providing education and proper equipment for all employees.

Dave has surrounded himself with a very professional, capable, and knowledgeable administrative staff, command staff, road supervisors, deputies, and correctional officers.

Since Dave is currently serving as chief deputy, he understands all aspects of the office including responsible budgeting, obtaining grants, operations of the department, working with other county agencies, rehabilitation of offenders, and most importantly enforcing the law to protect the citizens of Miami County.

The Miami County Sheriff’s Department is operating well, ahead of surrounding counties with new programs and procedures, and is protecting its citizens. Let’s keep the sheriff’s department rising to meet these high standards by electing Dave Duchak as sheriff.

— Doug Kirk



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