Tipp schools produce well-rounded kids

To the Editor:

When we began our search for a new home, Tipp City showed up on our radar. From that minute on we fell in love with this little town with a big heart. One of the things that impressed us was that we were able to get twice the property, both in square footage and price, for the exact same tax base we were paying in Vandalia and yet we were able to plug into a small town with so very much to offer.

We moved to Tipp City in 2005 with our three daughters, Taylor our oldest, and Ali and Tori, our twins. We immediately plugged into the Tipp Monroe Swim Team and began to make new friends. The newly remodeled pool was an added bonus.

We were fortunate to send our girls to Salem Christian Academy in Clayton and decided that when they graduated sixth grade we would plug them into the Tipp City School District. We have been so pleased with this decision. Our girls attended from seventh grade through high school graduation where they excelled in academics, theater and sports. Many thanks goes out to the administration, teachers and coaches for helping them to be well prepared for college.

All three of our girls, now ages 20, 19 and 19, are attending a four year university, have been on the dean’s list multiple times and have adjusted to college life very well. We feel that the school district loves our kids and are dedicated to helping us grow well rounded individuals. We are firm believers in that it takes a community to raise children and Tipp City has done an excellent job of helping us with our three girls.

We also believe that when a community has an excellent school system, property values stay at or increase over time and inspire younger families to move into our community which is the life blood of any community.

We love Tipp City and we will be voting YES on the upcoming May 2 vote for our schools!

— Greg and Debbie Merrick

Tipp City


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