Restore the public’s faith in our democracy

To the Editor:

Congressman Warren Davidson, I attended your Town Hall meeting in Enon, Ohio, on April 17. At that time, I asked you whether you would support an independent investigation into the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election. I made clear that I was not seeking to overturn the results of the election, but instead wanted to show all nations of the world that Americans will unite together and, without partisanship, investigate outside influence on our democracy.

That evening, you agreed that we needed to “unite as a country against outside influence in our governing process.” You even agreed that there are “facts that show that outside governments have attempted to interfere with our process.” Yet you stopped short of agreeing that an independent investigation was necessary.

With the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey last night, I ask for you – and for all of our elected and appointed representatives — to reconsider this stance. At best, the firing was done with incredibly poor timing on the part of the current Administration and gives the appearance of significant impropriety. At worst, this was an attempt by the Administration to put the brakes on a damaging investigation.

Of course, I have no idea what the real truth is, but at this point, I cannot trust that our administration is making choices in the public’s interest. That is a significant problem. The public’s trust in our government and our democracy has been eroding day-by-day. This is the time. This is the moment. Those in power in our democracy need to take significant steps to restore the public’s trust. That is why an independent special council needs to be appointed immediately to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

This is not a partisan request and please do not brush it aside as such. This is about strengthening our democracy. We must begin to rebuild the public’s faith in our leaders. Just as importantly, we must send a clear message to foreign nations that we will stand together — Republican and Democrat — to vigorously and fully investigate any possible attempts to infiltrate and manipulate our system of government.

Now is the time to reconsider your previous answer, to put aside partisanship, and to take the first steps to restore the public’s faith in our democracy. Now is the time to appoint a special prosecutor.

Video of my April 17 question to you can be found at

— Martin Fish

West Chester