Whatever happened to common sense?

To the Editor:

Why have we cut the southbound lanes on the Adams Street extension down to one lane and given a full-time lane to bicycles?

If bicycle riders made up to one third of the traffic year round in Troy, I could understand that. As it is, I do not see any current numbers of riders that would justify the turmoil and frustration for drivers in that area.

Adams Street is, in fact, an artery for traffic in our city. It is not only important in providing relief with heavy train traffic, but is an important tie from the north and northeast sections of town, to the west end shopping centers, as well as interstate connections. The new design will just create another bottle neck for the north end of town, especially during events at Hobart Arena, traffic during the Strawberry Festival, during the Strawberry soccer weekend, and every day that school buses drive that route, just to name a few!

As one who both lives and works in this end of town, as well as everyone with whom I have talked concerning this issue, including bicycle riders, I believe strongly that this is one that should be re-thought.

— Janet S. Griffieth