Quality over quantity matters to reader

To the Editor,

A person can purchase clothing, jewelry, shoes, sip on coffee or an alcoholic beverage and be treated for an illness all in one place, a grocery store. Why does anyone need all those amenities in one store? Are we becoming so lazy that we need to be able to be treated for a cold in the same place we buy our food? Not only does this diminish the profit of our local businesses but it decreases the quality of the services or items purchased. With so many different services being provided where is the focus? The relationship between the customer and the business is nonexistent. We are just another face in the store, another number at the clinic.

I am not going to drive an extra 20 minutes out of my way to get spaghetti on sale. Heck I will not drive five minutes out of my way to get spaghetti on sale. No I am going to go where I know the employees are well versed on the product they sell. I will shop where I feel like a customer not a walking dollar sign. Yes, I will pay regular price for a box of spaghetti to support the businesses I like. That is essentially what we are all doing. We are paying for the products being placed in our shopping bags but we are also supporting a business. When you purchase an item from any place you are speaking to the seller. The seller sees the purchase as a success regardless of how you feel. I may not have been happy with the long line, the countless circles I walked to find the item- no employee could help locate, but I still purchased the product. So when I say we are supporting a business when we purchase I mean not just monetarily, I also mean systematically. You are supporting that business behavior too.

People freak out about paying 50 cents more for spaghetti at one store and belittle the other (store) that has the cheaper box because the quality of service sucks. But you begrudgingly drive to that store to save what 50 cents, why? I’ll pay that extra 50 cents to avoid the busy people, long lines, angry employees. I will pay the extra money to make a point that no matter how many different services your store provides, how cheap your prices are you cannot skim on quality customer service. We do not need another one stop shop. We need doctors that have their own practice; we need grocery stores (that provide just groceries), home good stores, bakeries, etc. Mush them all together and you will sacrifice quality somewhere and at some point we will have to determine if poor quality trumps price and convenience.

I am disappointed to find more and more stores sell out for the bigger business idea. I enjoy the personalized shopping experience I once I had. If nothing else do we really need a clinic within the same walls as our dinner? I am a mom of two, I work 40 hours a week and I do the grocery shopping. All I want is to shop in a personable atmosphere amongst good quality products, where the chances of catching Ebola, the flu, and strep throat, etc., are slim to none.

— Lenore Sherman