Mayor for the Day

Hinkle wins day to preside over city

TROY — While the city of Troy’s Public Square fountain remains crystal clear, Taylor Hinkle vacated the mayor’s office after a full day full of civic duties and responsibilities as the city official on Wednesday.

Hinkle, 23, of Troy, served as the official “Mayor for a Day,” visiting all the city departments and presided over a mock council session during Leadership Troy’s local government day.

The lone item on Hinkle’s mayoral agenda wouldn’t break the city’s budget or even require a vote from city council.

“I wanted to turn a purple fountain,” Mayor Hinkle shared with a smile. Hinkle, wearing her favorite color purple, said it wouldn’t be hard to just add blue dye to the red dye to mark her “purple reign” as mayor.

“It was a very interesting experience for me. I met a lot of people,” Hinkle said.

The former intern at the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce attended the organization’s annual steak fry and fundraiser last fall. Hinkle decided she would bid on the opportunity to serve as Troy’s mayor at the silent auction. Local business owner Steve Bruns won the prize and donated the day of civic duty to Hinkle.

“I volunteered at the chamber for a while and then they told me about the steak fry auction so I was like ‘Oh! I wonder what they have?’ So me and my dad walked through it and I saw the ‘Mayor for the Day.’ Oh I want that!” she said. “I was shocked! Mr. Bruns won it first and he decided I really wanted it. That was nice.”

Mayor Hinkle said her favorite part of the day was dining with the Troy Fire Department — and enjoying their famous chili at lunch.

“It was wonderful,” she said. “I got to see all their new equipment and their new truck they just got.”

While the most difficult part of her day may have been trying to stay awake during City Auditor John Frigge’s budget presentations, Hinkle shared that she greatly enjoyed her day as the city mayor.

“I did a lot of walking around Troy today,” she shared with the mock council. “It was really fun.”

The Leadership Troy council commended Hinkle’s day as mayor with a round of applause and lauded her leadership.

“I got to spend time with Mr. Beamish. It was a lot of fun,” Hinkle shared at the end of her day.

Mayor Michael Beamish said Hinkle did an outstanding job filling in for him throughout the day.

“She was fun to be around and she’s very articulate. She always asked every department that we went to how they were doing and if there was any problem that they needed to address,” Beamish said. “She shook their hands firmly. She did a very good job.”
Hinkle wins day to preside over city


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