For the love of rock n’ roll

British pair traveled to the U.S. specifically to see rock concert at Hobart Arena last Saturday

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Some super fans will go to great lengths to see their favorite bands, yet one set of rock music fans truly went the distance to make it to last Saturday’s Night Ranger and Styx performance at Hobart Arena — 3,898 miles to be exact.

Hugh Braddock and his daughter Chloe, 20, flew to the United States specifically to see both Night Ranger and Dennis DeYoung and the music of Styx last Saturday night.

“As soon as we saw the advert for the concert we bought the tickets and planned our trip around it,” Hugh said. Hugh said he found the show online on various music websites including the bands’ sites.

“It’s a massive thrill to be here,” said Hugh as Hobart Arena Director Ken Siler welcomed them to the show.

The Braddocks snagged fifth row seats to see two of their most favorite rock bands perform live last Saturday and were sporting their Night Ranger T-shirts as they waited in line for the meet and greet backstage.

Hugh and Chloe shared how they are big rock music fans and and spend their most of their free time together traveling to various “gigs” such as Alice Cooper and fellow British rock legend Ozzy Osbourne.

“I’ve always been a huge fan. I can’t believe that Chloe has fallen in love with music that I love as well,” Hugh shared. “We like it loud. I took Chloe to see her first gig, which was Alice Cooper, when she was 8.”

“I tend to go with what my dad loves because I tend to find a lot of modern music doesn’t really have that passion or spirit to it,” she said.

The pair are from Bournemouth in Dorset County on the southwest coast of England, which is approximately a two hour drive to London.

Hugh works for the Bank of New York Mellon and arranged to meet up with colleagues in Pittsburgh during their 11-day trip to the U.S. It was Chloe’s first trip to the U.S. so they also spent four days in Washington, D.C. and traveled to Gettysburg and other American landmarks on their way to Pittsburgh and finally on to Troy.

Chloe is a student at Open University studying physics. Since her classes are all online, she didn’t have to miss school to travel across the pond to attend the rock concert in the U.S.

Both Hugh and Chloe said they were looking forward to hearing the Styx classic “Come Sail Away.”

“I think it’s so different from the U.K., but also oddly familiar as well, so it feels like an odd kind of home, but not,” she shared.

In between shows, Hugh shared how he thought the Night Ranger performance was “brilliant, simply brilliant.”

“Everyone has made us so welcome. It’s really humbling. We’re really proud of being British and English, but the fact that everyone has made us so welcome and has given from their heart and everything they’ve said they’ve meant. It’s been a really wonderful ride.”
British pair traveled to the U.S. specifically to see rock concert at Hobart Arena last Saturday

By Melanie Yingst