Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Ginger Rowe to Pamela Cain, one lot, $52,100.

Miami County Sheriff David T. Duchak, Roy Staten to Barbara Besecker, Ken Besecker, one lot, $53,000.

Tom Behm Builders Inc. to Bradley Labarbera, Heather Labarbera, one lot, $62,500.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Barbara Williams, Donald Williams, one lot, $44,900.

Jeffrey Mullins to Diana Knoch, two lots, $0.

Rick Slorp to Slorp Properties, one lot, $0.

Slorp Properties to David Shiverdecker, Sydney Shiverdecker, one lot, $237,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Lynn Watkins, Matthew Watkins, one lot, $417,600.

Barbara Frings, Katheryn McCoy, attorney in fact to David Chiasson, one lot, $67,500.

Gail Davis, Phyllis Davis to Phyllis Davis, one lot, $0.

Kristy Clum, Matthew Clum to Matthew Collins, one lot, $203,000.

Nehaben Patel, Nik Patel to Dilipkumar Patel, Minaxieben Patel, Nik Patel, one lot, $0.

Elicia Laabs, Gregory Laabs to Michael Hayden, Michelle Hayden, one lot, $345,000.

Estate of Deanna Brown to James Brown, one lot, $0.

Daniel Levorchick to Kevin Moeller, Lisa Moeller, one lot, $96,000.

Dusti Mathes, Michael Mathes to Kelly Kennedy, one lot, $109,900.

Pamela Ashman, Thomas Ashman to Pamela Ashman, Thomas Ashman, one lot, $0.

Jacob Rindler, Mary Rindler to Susan Westfall, Wade Westfall, one lot, $65,000.

Four Sons Development to Paleje West Holdings LLC, two lots, $59,300.

Candace Straughn, James Straughn to Brian Ouellette, Megan Ouellette, one lot, $149,900.


WEC 99D-33 LLC to SS Realty LP, $2,550,000.

Robert Culp, Sherry Culp, Taylor Schlosser to Jacob Tuttle, one lot, $92,000.

David Zeller to Julie Homan, one lot, $106,000.

Susan Westfall, Wade Westfall to Paleje North Holdings LLC, six lots, $335,500.

Susan Westfall, Wade Westfall to Paleje North Holdings LLC, seven lots, $414,800.

Colonial Savings F.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, one lot, $0.

Melissa Buroker to Tommy Little, one lot, $0.

Tyrell Knox to Jordan Fesser, one lot, $69,900.

Joshua Osborne to Gabe Carroll, Valoree Carroll, one lot, $104,000.

Frank Dickey to Sunland Property Investments LLC, one lot, $20,000.

Carmen Vogler, Damon Vogler to Carmen Vogler, Damon Vogler, two lots, $0.

David Lane, Deborah Lane to Dorothy Alexander, one lot, $82,000.


Gregory Kinnison, Trudy Kinnison to Christy Butera, Scott Butera, one lot, $365,000.


Estate of Joan Watkins to Colin Watkins, $0.


Connie Wackler, Nicholas Wackler to David Besecker, one lot, $104,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William Meyer, one lot, $0.


NVR Inc. to Denise Rinehart, Patrick Rinehart, two lots, $266,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land CO. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $38,250.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land CO. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.

NVR Inc. to Amanda Wilson, Nathan Wilson, two lots, $283,800.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land CO. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $45,00

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land CO. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $37,000.

Maryjo Coffey to Hope Flory, Richard Flory, two lots, $244,000.

Sonia Luiano to James Rice, Michelle Rice, two lots, $197,400.


Francine Rapp, Sheldon Rapp to Francine Rapp, Sheldon Rapp, one lot, $0.

Julie Velkoff, Michael Velkoff to Julie Wellman, Spencer Wellman, one lot, $179,900.


Brandon Coate, Erin Coate to Aylyssa Lightcap, one lot, $123,500.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Manley, Deas, and Kochlaski LLC, attorney in fact, Arch City Realty Group, one lot, $0.

Estate of Johnny Adkins to Edith Adkins, one lot, $0.


Adam Lampert, Jennifer Lampert to Jennifer Smith, Kevin Smith, 2.618 acres, $368,000.

Gregory Davis, Heather Davis to Gregory Davis, Heather Davis, 15.108 acres, $0.

Eugene Hagemeyer Jr., Kathy Hagemeyer to Cindy Durham, James Durham, Kelsey Durham, 1 acre, $132,500.


Ellen Donnelly to Alice Everett, Kenneth Everett, one lot, $45,000.

Kathleen Lefevre Declaration of Trust to Patricia Springer, Steven Springer, 3.483 acres, $14,000.


Margaret Lefler, Thomas Lefler to Jeffrey Warner, Jennie Warner, one lot, $66,500.

F & P America Manufacturing Inc. to Jason May, one lot, $220,000.

Merrimont Development Corp. to 3 Gen D LLC, 7.765 acres, $441,300.

Vickie Dellinger to Larry Smith, 2.0096 acres, $80,000.

Amber Bucio, Christopher Bucio to Kevin Burnside, Theresa Burnside, one lot, $75,000.

Atsuko Seki, Moriya Seki to Billy Thomas, Susy Thomas, one lot, $200,000.


Estate of Clyde Combs to Jeanetta Combs, one lot, $0.


Gordon Mains, Shawna Mains to Justin Beal, Michelle Beal, $300,000.

Heather Aultz, Heather Myers, Matthew Myers to Amanda Carmichael, Joshua Carmichael, one lot, $162,000.

Ammit Singh, Khushbu Singh to Gyla Weiss, Samuel Weiss, 5.0 acres, $213,500.

Dianna Baldwin, attorney in fact, Miriam Ratliff to Charles Griesemer, one lot, $99,990.


Joseph Daniels, Karla Daniels to Bradley Helman, Elizabeth Helman, 0.487 acres, 0.731 acres, $168,000.


Bonita Barton, Vaughn Barton to Vaughn Barton First Amended and Restated Trust, $0.


Michael Fay, Susan Fay to Kari Baker, Matthew Baker, 2.963 acres, $37,000.


Amy Mahan to Jessica Puterbaugh, 20.00 acres, $249,500.

James Miller and Frances Miller Joint Trust to Rusty Miller, trustee, $0.

Amy Mahan, James Mahan to Wright Patt Credit Union Inc., 20.000 acres, $141,300.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Joe Graf, Shannon Graf to Federal National Mortgage Association, 2.120 acres, 0.880 acres, $0.

Carol Kniesly, Keith Kniesly to Melvin Musser, Prudence Musser, 10.009 acres, $327,500.

Brandi Smith, Todd Smith to Kyle Miranda, Melissa Miranda, 1 acre, $170,000.


Estate of Gary Holfinger to Jacquelyn Holfinger, 5.102 acres, $0.