Miami County Marriages

Trevor Lee Campbell, 27, of 586 Wind Ridge Place Apt. 4, Tipp City to Daijah Bree Smith, 23, of same address.

Megan Victoria Fogt, 24, of 225 Penn Road, Troy to Brian Leonard Luttmer, 25, of same address.

Teresa Marie Custer, 47, of 8435 State Route 201, Tipp City to Gregory Allan Davis, 50, of same address.

Lonnie Lee Hamilton, 50, of 2040 S. Bird Road, Springfield to Sharon Marie Espey, 57, of 301 Ron Aire Drive, Piqua.

Michaela Anne Litton, 25, of 326 Park Avenue, West Milton to Cory Allen Warner, 27, of same address.

Shannen Michelle Donnelly, 25, of 1401 Wayne Street Apt. A, Troy to Joshua Alan Leist, 27, of same address.

Logan Rachele Neves, 24, of 2564 E. State Route 36, Piqua to Devin Carlton Schaffer, 25, of same address.

Paul Bryan Sexton, 44, of 930 Brookwood Drive, Troy to Amanda Elizabeth Douglas, 49, of same address.

Daniel Roy Kolbe, 26, of 431 Devin Drive, Bedford, Ky. to Taylor Lyn Hayslett, 22, of same address.

Angel Marie Leach, 28, of 211 E. High Street, Pleasant Hill to Michael Anthony Fessler, 26, of same address.

Jordan Eric Browner, 28, of 1049 Jill Court, Piqua to Laura Bethany Schaefer, 34, of 420 W. Greene Street, Piqua.

Jessica Lynn Wolf, 31, of 1580 Cheshire Road 6A, Troy to Steven Thomas Imholt, 28, of same address.

Edward La Veil Matthews, 36, of 1205 Todd Lane Apt. B, Troy to Amanda Lynn Emmons, 32, of same address.

Benjamin Chopin Pennyman, 44, of 736 W. Franklin Street, Troy to Zulaikha Kismet Wright, 46, of same address.

Lindsey Ann Nesbitt, 23, of 8263 Lefevre Road, Casstown to Justin Daniel Millhouse, 25, of same address.

Kyrstin Rachel Sieber, 27, of 10 E. High Street, Pleasant Hill to Logan Christopher Hall, 29, of same address.

Paige Lauren Terry, 25, of 1505 N. State Route 48, Pleasant Hill to Justin Garrett Fessler, 25, of same address.

Stefan Andrew Kleather, 28, of 886 Westedge Drive, Tipp City to Audrey Michelle Phibbs, 26, of 117 W. Franklin Street, Tipp City.

Audrey Niccole Chastain, 34, of 963 Wedgewood Drive, Independence, Ky. to William Aguire, 36, of same address.

Sarah Ellen Savage, 29, of 222 W. Market Street, Troy to Lincoln Adam Byrd, 28, of 1212 W. 12th Street Lot 20, Connersville, Ind.

Jonathan Allen Purcell, 32, of 359 Ellerman, Piqua to Samantha Jade Alsip, 28, of 1130 Scott Street, Troy.