Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Jacob Mortell to Jacob Mortell Revocable Trust, one lot, $0.

Erica Fox, James Fox to Debora Roman, one lot, $0.

Estate of Dwane Northup to Lois Northup, one lot, $0.

Halifax Land Company to Juanita Groves, one lot, $33,900.

Rhonda Semon, Tony Semon to Ryan Havenar, one lot, $105,500.

Daniel Zimorski to Daniel Simorski Living Trust, Daniel Simorski, one lot, $0.

Halifax Land Company to Jennifer Bish, Thomas Bish, one lot, $54,900.

Halifax Land Company to Judith Walker, Richard Walker, one lot, $51,900.

Halifax Land Company to Kathleen Jent, Thomas Jent, one lot, $52,900.

Halifax Land Company to Beverly Browning, David Browning, one lot, $35,900.

Mandy Marshall, Derick Railing, Mandy Railing to Danielle Battiston, Kenneth Battiston, one lot, $207,000.

Chelsey Fitzgerald, Jacob Fitzgerald to Swabb Management Company, one lot, $200,000.

Diane Oliver, Thomas Oliver to Jason Guillozet, Kassie Guillozet, one lot, $150,000.

Edward Angel, Trudy Angel to Amanda Vance, Brent Vance, one lot, $129,900.

Archibald Montgomery, Barbara Montgomery to David Montgomery, Krista Montgomery, one lot, $0.

David Montgomery, Krista Montgomery to Jamie Arrington, one lot, $145,000.


R&J Piqua Properties to Edward Ropp, one lot, one part lot, $25,000.

Kaylynne Francis to Kaylynne Francis, Austin Poeppelman, one lot, $0.

Earl Sever III, trustee, Nancy Sever, trustee, Sever Family Trust to Kimberly Eller, Mark Eller, one lot, $219,000.

Gladys Roth, trustee, Roth Family Revocable Living Trust to Doniele Mirbagheri, one lot, $20,000.

Doniele Kirklland, Doniele Mirbagheri to Philip Alspaugh, Rachel Alspaugh, one lot, $38,000.

Allenbaugh Properties to Joseph Sherman, one lot, $84,900.

Amanda Gold, Dillon Gold to Brandon Martin, one lot, $119,900.

Arnold Douglas, Sheila Douglas to Sheila Douglas, $0.

Terry Wright to Charles Wright, a part lot, $0.

Crystal Campbell to Victoria Lee, one lot, one part lot, $85,000.

Kimberly Eller, Mark Eller to Paul Curtis, two part lots, $116,000.

Wendy Pierron to Daniel Pierron, one lot< $0.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Frances Proffitt, James Proffitt to Tom Jessup, one lot, $30,500.

Preston Ridge Partners, SN Servicing Corp., attorney in fact to Benanzer Development V Ltd., one lot, $39,800.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Donna Hale to Terry Stamper, one lot, $58,200.

Adam Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, Elizabeth Shade to Aaron Hall, a part lot, $135,000.


Eidemiller Land Company to Talismanic Properties, a part lot, $176,000.

Leah Morando, Robert Morando Jr. to Ryan Tatro, a part lot, $190,000.

Patricia Apple to Sheila Emrick, one lot, $142,000.

Matthew Pruitt, Meghann Pruitt, Meghann Walling to Andrew Thornbury, Erika Thornbury, one lot, $132,000.


Brandy Norman, Neal Norman to Tiara Riddle, a part lot, $132,500.


Bryant Hale, Keshia Hale to Bryant Hale, Keshia Hale, one lot, $0.


Linda Shaurer, Steven Shaurer to Linda Shaurer, Steven Shaurer, one lot, $0.

Felicia Booker, John Booker to Patrick James, two lots, $7,500.


Triple D and B LLC to Erica Chaney, Robert Chaney, a part lot, $162,000.

Amy Johnson, Richard Johnson to Brantley Hamrick, one lot, $188,000.


Corridor Development Company to DR Horton-Indiana, $339,000.

Alicia Escalante to Todd Busdiecker, two lots, $190,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $52,600.

Sukhdev Cheema to Nil Patel, two lots, $290,000.


Matthew Patton, Trina Patton to Matthew Patton, trustee, Trina Patton, trustee, Patton Trust, 22.822 acres, $0.

Kathleen Peot to Jay Williams, Tiffany Williams, 6.626 acres< $312,000.

Judith Amend, Gary Dicenzo, Judith Dicenzo, Hager Little, William Little to Judith Amend, Gary Dicenzo, Hager Little, William Little, $0.

Sherry Fraley, Wayne Fraley to Brenda Fraley , 4.14 acres, $0.

Kelly Abbott, Michael Abbott to Kelly Abbott, co-trustee, Michael Abbott, co-trustee, Abbott Family Trust, $0.


Lance Spitler to Charlotte Spitler, $0.


Belinda Roop, Mathew Roop to Kevin Klatte, one lot, $16,000.

Diane Thornbury to Ernest Reed II, Laura Reed, one lot, $255,900.

Board of Miami County Commissioners to Miami County Board of Commissioners, 2.098 acres, 0.39 acres, $0.

James Mortell, trustee, Pamela Mortell Revocable Trust, Pamela Mortell Revocable Trust to Geneva Brooks, Richard Brooks, three lots, $1,045,000.

Shanda Browning to Andrew Browning, $0.

Colt Hines to Charles Begovich, Hazel Begovich, one lot, $295,000.

Junko Sato, Yuji Sato to Pamela Looker, Thomas Looker, one lot, $198,000.

Elizabeth Landfair, Philip Landfair to Andrea Dexter, Wade Dexter, one lot, $355,000.

Kathleen Lukens, Chris Reynolds, Sandra Reynolds to Christine Foley Moore, Christine Moore, Dennis Moore, one lot, $115,000.

Aaron Zakrie, Ashley Zakrie to Andrea Bogan, Christopher Bogan, one lot, $305,700.

Judith Faust, Mark Faust to Marcus Bayes, Susan Bayes, one lot, $511,000.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to AHL Rentals, 1.276 acres, 0.752 acres, $175,000.

Angela Drehmer, Timothy Drehmer to Alex Huels, Jenna Huels, one lot, $294,000.


Charles Carver, Vallery Carver to Austin Etherington, 0.122 acres, $90,000.


Keystone Homes in Troy, Scott Investments to S.M. O’Neal Construction, 18.485 acres, $230,900.

Heather Iaqunita, Thomas Iaquinta to Heather Iaqinta, Thomas Iaquinta, $0.

Tana Fogt, Eric Morgan to Brandon Artz, Danielle Artz, one lot, $305,000.

Sessions Design Solutions to Leah Morando, Robert Morando Jr., one lot, $239,900.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to AHL Rentals, 1.276 acres, 0.72 acres, $175,000.

Angel Investments to Aaron Owens, Brittany Owens, one lot, $208,900.

Dodd Limited Partnership to Meadowview Village Apartments, $1,700,000.


Adam Wood, Rebecca Wood to Amy Jo Smith, Timmie Dean Smith, $229,000.

Debra Stammen, Vernon Stammen to Jake Jennings, Mary Jennings, 3.308 acres, $10,000.

Jake Jennings, Mary Jennings to Jake Jennings, Mary Jennings, 10.106 acres, $0.

Amanda Robinson, Dennis Robinson to Amanda Robinson, Dennis Robinson, 16.241 acres, $0.

Adam Hess, Emily Hess to Adam Hess, Emily Hess, one lot, $0.


Alexa Sleppy, Shane Sleppy to Hudson Rich, .86 acres, $145,000.

Charlotte Sink, Fred Sink, Jeanne Sink, Kristen Sink, Roland Sink, William Sink to Fred Sink, trustee, Kristen Sink, trustee to Sink Family Revocable Living Trust, 25.088 acres, $0.

Charlotte Sink, Fred Sink, Jeanne Sink, Kristen Sink, Roland Sink, William Sink to Jeanne Sink, trustee, William and Jeanne Sink Family Revocable Living Trust, 22.709 acres, $0.

Charlotte Sink, Fred Sink, Jeanne Sink, Kristen Sink, Roland Sink, William Sink to Fred Sink, trustee, Kristen Sink, trustee to Charlotte Sink, Roland Sink, 25.043 acres, $0.


David Seipel, Karin Seipel to David Seipel, Karin Seipel, one lot, $0.


Vanda Whitten to David Gough, 3.562 acres, $150,000.

Alexander England to Molly Rentals, $300,000.

Michelle Weikert, Mitchel Weikert to Aaron Schinder, 0.909 acres, $232,300.

Jo Ann Antonides, trustee, Kavy Keystone Inheritance Trust to Michelle Weikert, Mitchel Weikert, 18 acres, $250,000.

Kasey Wheelock to Elizabeth Feight, Joshua Feight, 1.962 acres, $165,000.


Amanda Crump, Robert Crump to Amanda Crump, Robert Crump, $0.